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22 - 30 December 2015


This Christmas the CGAC is offering two workshops for children 4-9 years old. The activities will revolve around painting, writing, emotional voyages, poetry, nature, roads, footprints and other ideas that emerge from artist Javier Vallhonrat’s exhibition, Interacciones (Interactions) on view at the CGAC until 27 March 2016.

These workshops give the little ones a chance to explore modern art accompanied by artists and other professionals from the world of culture in an atmosphere that is conducive to experimentation with language, mediums, techniques, concepts and discourses that are characteristic of cutting-edge modern art.


Changing Plans!
22 and 23 December
Directed by María Meijide
Ages: 7-9
Timetable: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Places: 20

Taking the exhibition of Javier Vallhonrat, Interacciones, as a starting point, artist María Meijide’s proposal is to create a personal map based on the travel logs. Similarly, in his last work, Vallhonrat presents inner itineraries through outdoor landscapes. Our map will reflect the emotions evoked in the participants after experiencing the visit and viewing the works. An artistic itinerary with notes of drawing, colour and collage that will be transformed into a personal interpretation of the space in map form.


Where Is Winter?
29 and 30 December
Directed by Clara Rodríguez Márquez
Ages: 4-6
Timetable: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Places: 15

Educator Clara Rodríguez Márquez offers a workshop where participants will be able to experiment with words and nature. Based on the works of Javier Vallhonrat and the environment of the CGAC, we will observe the changes and natural phenomena that are closest to us. With all five senses we will seek out the footprints left by winter with every step we take. Once we catch the moment, we will express it with the art of describing nature—poetry (visual poetry and Haikus). We invite you to come and observe, create poems, invent words, rhymes and illustrations.



REGISTRATION: Registration is free of charge. To register send an email to or Please include the following information: full name and age of child/children, contact telephone number, email address and name of workshop the child would like to attend. You may register a maximum of two participants per application.

COORDINATION: Gema Baños and Virginia Villar.

Participants should bring warm coats and rain garments or umbrellas for the outside activity.


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