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11-14 July 2017


On the occasion of the exhibition Bathers, a visual essay of anonymous found photography, in which the curator, Xosé Manuel Buxán Bran, recovers abandoned photographic material, the CGAC has scheduled, within the framework of the Lecer Workshops, a workshop of found footage directed by Javier Trigales. In a present where the flow of images has become a dreadful barrage, when everything has already been shown, it is a necessary act of ecology to rethink and reuse existing images, bringing light to the shapeless magma bequeathed by film and TV and creating new discourses and associations. At present, a series of national and international names keeps this subgenre more alive than ever and makes it one of the most fruitful and exciting branches of video art and experimental film. In this workshop we will analyse the past and present of recycling of images and we will construct our own piece of found footage.

The main objective of the workshop (taller de lecer) is to learn the audiovisual language of found footage and experimental and creative film. Over four days we will identify the tools used by directors and we will assess the importance and significance of the works analysed, we will try to better understand a key part of experimental film and its evolution over the years, whilst encouraging the creativity and artistic abilities of those attending to help them find their own voice within audiovisual language. To this end we will study the historical evolution and different techniques of reappropriation of image through audiovisual examples: scenes, sequences and short films of the most important figures of found footage. In addition, we will use library footage to work in a practical way on an audiovisual piece of our own.

Opening times: 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.


11th Prehistory of image appropriation
Major names: Bruce Conner, Ken Jacobs, Chris Marker, among others. Delivery of library footage for work in the classroom.

12th From pop artefact to structuralism and cosmic terror
Jeff Keen, Hollis Frampton, Peter Tscherkassky, among others. Work on library footage to make an audiovisual piece.

13th Reappropriation and revolution. Found footage as a socio-political rereading and revolutionary weapon
Harun Farocki, Barbara Hammer, Santiago Álvarez, among others. Work on library footage to make an audiovisual piece.

14th Past and present of found footage in Spain
Iván Zulueta, María Cañas, Xurxo Chirro, among others. Supervision and completion of found footage pieces produced by attendants to the course.


Javier Trigales
Screenwriter and cultural manager. For several years he has worked in leading TV programmes such as El intermedio and Sé lo que hicisteis. He currently works as producer and curator of audiovisual activities for museums and festivals. He also writes film reviews for numerous media sources and has published a dozen collective books. He wrote the script for the feature film Viejos, which won the prize for best international project at the 2016 Sitges Festival, and he is a member of the board of directors of the Galician Association of Screenwriters (AGAG).

TARGET AUDIENCE: Audiovisual Communication students and lecturers, students of Fine Arts, Communication Sciences, History of Art and anyone interested in audiovisual art. In order to attend the workshop, participants must have a laptop with a video editing program (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Windows Movie Maker...).

REGISTRATION: No registration fee. Applications must be sent to indicating full name, age, area of training or interest, telephone number and contact email.

REGISTRATION PERIOD: 15th May to 10th July

COORDINATION: Virginia Villar

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