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30 November - 2 December 2017


The second conference on performance art, Fugues and Interferences, organised by the University of Vigo in collaboration with the CGAC [Galician Modern Art Centre], will take place from 30 November to 2 December 2017 in the cities of Pontevedra (Casa das Campás) and Santiago de Compostela (CGAC).

In keeping with the first conference, which the CGAC hosted last year, the main objective this time around will be to analyse and reflect on the new trends in performance art, both from a practical as well as a theoretical standpoint.

The following individuals will participate on the scientific committee: Alba Blanco (University of Vigo), Cecilia Perea (University of Patagonia), David Pérez (Universitat Politécnica de Valencia), Marta Pol Rigau (University of Vigo), Carlos Tejo (University of Vigo), Álvaro Terrones (Universitat Politécnica de Valencia) and Judit Vidiella (Escuela Universitaria ERAM-University of Girona).

The call for submissions will be open to artists, theorists and students, who may all publically present their research on performance art from an open position that offers multiple perspectives.

Presentations at the conference must be original, and they may not have already been published or be in the process of being published. The conference’s scientific committee will not accept submissions that do not meet the publication criteria stated here.

Anyone who wishes to participate must elicit a reflection that reveals a state of innovation in critical/theoretical research on performance art and offer hypotheses that help us envision where it is headed.

The chosen presentation proposals must touch upon one of the following thematic categories around which the conference is organised:

1. A theoretical reflection on performance art. Contrasting the various theoretical approaches in order to create a contextual framework, including inventing creative processes and performance practices themselves like art research.

2. The liminal nature of performance art within the context of modern art. Highlighting how these performance-based processes can be present as a central structure in modern artistic practices.

3. Performance art and its intersections. Investigating how performance art has integrated modern strategies (e.g. dance and video art) and how these languages have incorporated performance art strategies.

4. The nature of performance art from a general standpoint. Examining performance art projects that make it possible to shake up certain pre-set blueprints under a critical lens.

Sign-up and basis for the call for submissionshere.
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