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May to November 2013


Music and Art: Sound Correspondences continues to offer a dialogue between the music and art of our times based on the exhibitions shown each season at the CGAC. In this latest edition, the series has emerged as one of the most important events of musical creation in Galicia. Vertixe Sonora, the group in charge of organizing and executing this activity, has invited prestigious artists from the international scene to create twelve new pieces to complement the possibilities proposed by the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea.

In this relationship between music and art there is a common ground for creators of different nationalities and cultures—a place where all of today’s creative expressions are welcome. The idea is to offer the public a first-hand experience to become familiar with the most progressive aesthetic trends, the most important composers and the most interesting perspectives for the development of new music. As a new feature in this fourth edition, the series will be complemented by Protocols for Listening, a lecture series that aims to give us a closer look at contemporary music, linked to the concerts. These lectures will be given by musicologist Emilio Lede.

 The first concert, Sound Utopia, will be performed on International Museum Day. In correlation with the works of artist Miguel Palma and his exhibition Modern Malaise there will be a performance for instruments and sound objects from a work by Malin Bang (Sweden, 1974) for four instruments and amplified electrical devices. Another piece by Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri (Greece, 1974) will explore visual and sound perception, and a composition by Manuel Rodríguez Valenzuela (Spain, 1980) features instruments that have been manipulated and transformed acoustically by a number of different objects.

The first world premieres will be performed during the second concert of the series, which will be dedicated to the exhibition of James Welling, The Mind on Fire. Miguel Farías (Chile, 1983) and Cem Özcelik (Turkey, 1983) composed two musical scores inspired by this American artist. These pieces will serve to complete a programme offering, for the first time in Spain, music by Sergei Newski (Russia, 1972) and Yoshiaki Onishi (Japan, 1981) as well as a piece by Joan Arnau Pàmies (Spain, 1988).

 The second part of the series will be dedicated to works by the artists Ricardo Basbaum and Graham Gussin. Four composers—Martín Herraiz (Brasil, 1980), Hannes Kerchbaumer (Italy, 1981), Zesse Seglias (Greece, 1984) and Marina Poleukhina (Russia, 1989)—will present a series of pieces, entitled Et cetera, which reflect on the work of Basbaum where they find inspiration.

 The series will close with Ambiguous and Sublime, a programme that takes its inspiration from the work of Graham Gussin, which offers the premiere of five compositions by Bernardo Barros (Brazil), Marc Antoine Chevere (France), Santiago Díez Fischer (Argentina, 1977), Alireza Farhang (Iran, 1976) and Hugo Morales (Mexico, 1979).


Concerts will be held in CGAC’s auditorium at 8:30 p.m. Concerts are free, but seating capacity is limited.

 May 16

Sound Utopia Vertixe Sonora Ensemble

Malin Bang kabushiburui*(2012)

Tenor saxophone, percussion, piano, electric guitar and sound objects

Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri Kein Thema (2007)

Three performers and sound objects

Manuel Rodríguez Valenzuela 24 (2013)

Amplified cello and ten hand piano


The Mind on Fire Colección Vertixe Sonora Ensemble

Sergei Newski Bastelmuzik 1* (2003)

Alto saxophone, violin, piano and percussion

Cem Özcelik Eternal Curve** (2013)

Cello, piano and percussion

Yoshiaki Onishi Tr* (rev. 2012)

Cello and piano

Joan Arnau Pàmies Canvas (2010)

Soprano saxophone, piano and percussion

Miguel Farías Palette* (2013)

Baritone saxophone, cello, piano and percussion


Et cetera Vertixe Sonora Ensemble

Zesse Seglias New Work**

Saxophone, bass clarinet, trombone, double bass and percussion

Hannes Kerchbaumer New Work **

Saxophone, double bass and percussion

Martín Herraiz New Work **

Saxophone, bass clarinet, trombone and double bass

Marina Poleukhina New Work **

Saxophone, bass clarinet, trombone, double bass and percussion


Ambiguous and Sublime. Vertixe Sonora

Santiago Díez Fischer New Work**

Saxophone, cello, piano, percussion and electronics

Hugo Morales New Work**

Saxophone, cello, piano, percussion and electronics

Alireza Farhang New Work**

Saxophone, cello, piano and percussion

Bernardo Barros New Work**

Saxophone, cello, piano, percussion and electronics

Marc Antoine Chevere New Work**

Saxophone, cello, piano, percussion and electronics


Protocols for Listening, contemporary music initiation course given by Emilio Lede (September-October 2013)

Causal, International meeting for composers

*Premiere in Spain / ** World premiere. Commissioned by Vertixe Sonora.

VERTIXE SONORA ENSEMBLE:  Joaquín Meijide bass clarinet / Pablo Coello saxophones and musical direction / Iago Ríos Trombone / Jorge Montes violin / Criptana Angulo, Thomas Piel cello / Carlos Méndez double bass / Rubén Barros electric guitar / Diego Ventoso percussion /

David Durán, Haruna Takebe piano / Ángel Faraldo electronics and sound diffusion / Ramón Souto artistic direction


Concert Series Director: Pablo Coello

Coordinator: Cristina Trigo


Rúa Valle Inclán, 2
15703 Santiago de Compostela
Ph.: (+34) 981 546 619