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17 May - 27 November


The Concert Series Music and Art: Sound Correspondences continues to offer a dialogue between the music and art of our times based on the exhibitions being shown each season at the CGAC, which in 2012 will be an authentic space for musical creation. Vertixe Sonora, the group in charge of organizing the series, has commissioned new works from prestigious artists on the international scene. These compositions will flow freely to complement the possibilities proposed by the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea. This relationship between music and art offers a space to be shared by creators of different nationalities and cultures, a place that welcomes all of today’s creative expressions. The idea is to get to know, first-hand, the latest in aesthetic trends, the most important composers and the most interesting perspectives for the development of new music.

 The series starts on International Museum Day with a special presentation concert, The Inspiration of Light, which will serve as a prelude to four other concerts, thirteen world premieres and a number of different parallel activities.

 Works and artists from the Helga de Alvear Foundation Collection included in the exhibit On Generosity serve as a reference to González Compeán (León-Guanajuato, Mexico, 1978), Hernández Ramos (Mexico City, Mexico, 1975) and Ramón Souto (Vigo, Spain, 1976) for the compositions of the second concert of the series entitled The Collection. The programme will be completed with the presentations in Spain of Dimitri Kourliandski (Russia, Moscow, 1976) and Nadir Vassena (Balerna, Switzerland, 1970).

 Time, infinity, repetition and presence are the four basic concepts in the work of artist Esther Ferrer which will be on view at the CGAC. The title of the exhibition, In Four Movements, also serves as a reference to a show in which these concepts are used on a musical and personal level by composers Teresa Carrasco (Oviedo, Spain, 1980), Sivan Cohen (Jerusalem, Israel, 1976), Marco Marinoni (Monza, Italy, 1974) and Oriol Saladringues (Barcelona, Spain, 1978).

 The work of Fernando Casás and his association with land art will be present twice in this series. First, the performance of On Landscapes, Strolls, and Sound Archaeology…, an electronic music concert curated by the sound artist and composer Ángel Faraldo (Ferrol, Spain, 1980), and closing the series, Ephemeral, five creations based on  the work of Casás, by composers Jacobo Gaspar (Mos, Pontevedra, 1975), Esaias Järnegard (Stockholm, Sweden, 1980), Alexander Khubeev (Perm, Russia, 1986), Mathias Kranebitter (Vienna, Austria, 1980) and Simone Movio (Latisana, Italy, 1978).


 Concerts will be held in CGAC’s auditorium at 8:30 p.m. (Except the Concert scheduled for May 8). Concerts are free, but seating capacity is limited.

 May 18

The Inspiration of Light Vertixe Sonora

Pierre Jodlowski Time & Money(2006)

percussion, video and electronics

Giorgio Netti… intuire la dispegata forma della luce… (1999)

alto saxophone

This concert, organised in collaboration with the Museo do Pobo Galego, will begin at 10:45 p.m.


The Collection Vertixe Sonora

Dimitri Kourliandski Danc[y]unG* (2004)

flute, saxophone, viola and percussion

Nadir Vassena mutti inverni dell’anima* (2006)

flute, saxophone, viola, electric guitar and percussion

González Compeán New work **


Hernández Ramos New work **

flute, viola and percussion

Ramón Souto New work **

flute, saxophone, viola, electric guitar and percussion


In Four Movements: Time, Infinity, Repetition, Presence Vertixe Sonora

Teresa CarrascoNew work**

saxophone, piano and electronics

  Marco Marinoni New work **

clarinet, saxophone, cello and electronics

Oriol Saladrigues New work **

saxophone and cello

Sivan Cohen New work **

clarinet, saxophone, cello, piano and electronics


On Landscapes, Strolls, and Sound Archaeology…Electronic music concert curated by the composer and sound artist Ángel Faraldo


Efémero. Vertixe Sonora

Alexander Khubeev New work **

saxophone, double bass, pian oand percussion

Simone Movio New work **

saxophone, piano and percussion

Jacobo Gaspar New work **

saxophone, double bass, piano and percussion

Esaias Jarnegard New work **

saxophone, electric guitar and percussion

Mathias Kranebitter New work **

saxophone, double bass, electric guitar, piano and percussion

 *Premiere in Spain / ** World premiere. Commissioned by Vertixe Sonora.

 VERTIXE SONORA ENSEMBLE: Alessandra Rombolá flutes / Joaquin Meijide bass clarinet / Pablo Coello saxophones / Rubén Barros electric guitar / Anne Schlossmacher viola / Thomas Piel cello / Carlos Méndez double bass / Diego Ventoso percussion /David Durán piano / Ángel Faraldo electronics

 Concert Series Director: Pablo Coello

Coordinator: Cristina Trigo





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