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28 December 2017 - 5 January 2018


During the Christmas holidays, the CGAC is hosting two workshops, aimed at children, centred on the evocative exhibition «Y» by the artist Álvaro Negro. These activities are geared towards younger children and through them they will be able to experiment and explore contemporary art. An opportunity to get to know and become emerged in creative processes through the languages, mediums, materials, techniques and concepts characteristic of the current art scene.

For the younger ones, Adrián Taracido has designed a workshop around materials, textures, and fingerprints. Lara Torres will be working with nature as a backdrop for light, colour, climate, and environmental changes, with children aged between 7 and 9.


28 - 29 December 2017

Directed and given by Adrián Taracido (graduate in fine arts)

Age: 4 to 6

Timetable: 11:00-12:30

By using traditional techniques we will experiment the processes through which materials pass; their different states, their resistance and fragility, and we will observe their behaviour with our interaction.

We will create surfaces to which we can incorporate pigments, organic elements and our own fingerprints. Forms created with our own hands which will put together a blanket of textures made up of layers and colours, and with the use of materials such as plaster and modelling clay.

Your nature, your light

4 - 5 January 2018

Directed and given by Lara Torres (graduate in fine arts)

Age: 7 to 9

Timetable from 11:00-13:00

After visiting the Álvaro Negro exhibition, the children will work on a scene created by themselves. With materials from different sources they will generate a model of a fantastic natural area. They will explore the impact of light and shadows on forms and colours, and the different opacities and textures of the materials used in their design. Their landscapes will begin to change and take on lives of their own, accommodating the rhythms of the seasons, of the days and of atmospheric phenomena.


The workshops are free.

The workshop registration applications can be submitted after December 4 by sending an e-mail to Those interested should provide the following details: full name and age of the children taking part, telephone number, e-mail address and the name of the workshop they want to take part in.

A maximum of two participants can register per application.

The participants must bring clothing and shoes suitable for the rain, and that they don’t mind getting stained.

COORDINATION: Gema Baños and Virginia Villar


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