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12 April - 29 November


The first concert, which takes its inspiration from the work of Ana Maria Maiolino, focuses on dichotomy and the artist’s interest in language and the use of elementary gestures and repetitive movements. To visualize these aspects of her work, an instrumental combination was chosen, presenting a clear duality: the world of breath performed by the saxophone quartet (S@X21, Galicia) and the nature of the acoustics of strings (Quarteto de cordas de Mataosinhos, Portugal), with a programme that explores the possibilities of language and speech in an instrumental context, the transformation of different acoustics and movement linked to figures and sound.


Concerts will be held in CGAC’s auditorium, at 20:30. They are free, but seating capacity is limited.

At 19:00 prior to each concert, there will be a guided tour of the Centre’s Exhibitions given by experts in the fields of art and culture.

 12 April


 S@X21 (Saxophone quartet), Matosinhos String Quartet and Anne Schlossmacher (viola)

Georges Aperghis Crosswind (1977)*

viola and saxophone quartet

Thierry de Mey Musique de Tables (1987)

3 Performers

Xacobe Gaspar Metamorfose da luz (2010)**

alto saxophone and string quartet

Helmut Oehring Love in (2006)*

string quartet and 4 Saxophones

 (Doppelquartett mit Henre)  

  I. Locked

 II. Passion


Georges Aperghis Crosswind (1997) viola e cuarteto de saxofóns

Xacobe Gaspar Metamorfose da luz (2010) saxofón alto e cuarteto de corda
28 June

Sound TV/TV Sons (propaganda)

S@X21 (Saxophone quartet), Rubén Barros (electric guitar) and Xabier Mariño (electronics)

Pedro Rebelo Exposure (2009/10)*Saxophone quartet and live electronics

Fausto Romitelli Trash TV France (2002)*electric guitar 

Xabier Mariño Noso soN (2011)** 4 baritone saxophones and live electronics

Germán Alonso Nova Obra (2011)** electric guitar and 4 saxophones

Franck Bedrossian Propaganda (2008)* saxophone quartet and live electronics


Germán Alonso Nova obra (2011) guitarra eléctrica e 4 saxofóns

Franck Bedrossian Propaganda (2008) cuarteto de saxofóns e electrónica en vivo                         

29 November

Jeff Wall: sound portrait

 Ensemble Vertixe Sonora (flute, saxophone, cello, bass, piano and percussion)

 Works by Victor Ibarra, Yoshiaki Onishi, Mauricio Pauly, Lula Romero and Ramón Souto***

 *Premiere in Spain / ** World premiere. Commissioned by S@21/ ***World premiere. Commissioned by Vertixe Sonora.


Mauricio Pauly (Costa Rica, 1976) Apartamento Polsen apartamento Peterson (2011)
Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca (España, 1976) Mimic I (2011) 

George Dousis (Greece, 1975) Storeteller (2011) 
Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca (España, 1976) Mimic II (2011) 
Lula Romero (España, 1976) Present/Absent (2011) 
Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca (España, 1976) Mimic III (2011)

Víctor Ibarra (México, 1978) Estudio sobre el gris y el verde (2011)

Concert Series Director: Pablo Coello

Coordinator: Cristina Trigo








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