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21 -25 May 2018


 For two decades now Claudio Zulian has been working intensively creating and reflecting on the idea of territory, interpreted as that part of the world in which groups, societies and individuals live and experience in a specific way. His visual and sound installation pieces, films, photographs, poems, prose and essays explore the density and complexity of territories as they are generated, defined and experienced at the present time.

Many of Claudio Zulian’s works have undergone a long period of preparation during which the artist explores texts and images that refer to a specific place. He also delves deep into all manner of public and private archives—photographs, legal records, audiovisuals, bibliographic and urban planning data, etc.—that may allude to it. During this preparatory stage, he organizes meetings with associations, groups and individuals. A key element often reflected in the end result of his work are the discourses of many different people heard through private conversations or the opinions of experts which are woven together to create the fabric of the territory’s daily life.

Lastly, the work itself is conceived to function as a mechanism through which it is possible to disseminate the new experiences of the territory: ranging from giving back to the local community to using all the possible global connections inherent to the contemporary world.

The seminar

Body and Territory approaches the notion of territory through its history, memories and affections in the era of technological hyper development.

The seminar will explore the theoretical and practical aspects included in the artistic production of territory as a foundation and a goal.

The 20 hour seminar will be held over 5 days in 4 hour sessions. Each session is divided into two parts.

In the first half, based on an analysis of different works and the study and creative processes that went into their execution, Claudio Zulian will explain the methods and problems involved in approaching and understanding territory. He will reflect on multiple aspects—artistic, philosophical, literary, historical and urban planning—in order to offer some insight into the creations and mutations of what we call territory.

In the second half of each session, participants will be invited to create and execute a personal artistic or theoretical project related to a territory of their choice. All the projects will be discussed at the seminar to take a closer look at the different topics that will be examined by the participants.

Claudio Zulian (Campodarsego, Padua, Italia) resides in Barcelona, Spain. He holds a PhD in Aesthetics, Science and Technology of the Arts from the University of Paris-Saint Denis. He is a multi-faceted creator whose works include film, television, visual arts, music, theatre and literature. A large part of his work is characterised by his social and political awareness and the search for specificity in every medium he works in. He has given courses, workshops and lectures at different universities and cultural and artistic centres. He also contributes regularly to magazines and newspapers.

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 TARGET PARTICIPANTS: Artists, filmmakers, cultural activists, students and professionals in the field of fine arts, art history, filmmaking, sociology, geography, anthropology, communication science and anyone interested in the subject matter.


 REGISTRATION: Anyone interested can register by sending an email to All applications must include a letter of motivation, a short CV, a professional dossier (maximum 15 MB). Please include the following information: full name, email address and telephone number.

 Once we have confirmed your registration, we will send you instructions to pay the fee.




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