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5 - 6 November 2019


The CGAC wishes to continue with the events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the institution by accommodating one of its most successful and highly anticipated initiatives.The Music Department, founded by Manuel Rodeiro between 1994 and 1995, established itself in just a few years as an active platform and a management model that succeeded in combining innovation and artistic demand with an unprecedented public interest.For this reason, the person behind it all has been invited to coordinate a series of activities that serve to revive the spirit of that adventure in two intense days of seminars, which will also serve as an opportunity to pay tribute to the people and impulses that made this feat possible.

Territory of the Imagination attempts to summarise, from its very title, a journey through music that, far beyond technical or conceptual contributions or always subjective aspects of appreciation, casts a look at the primordial images that, with a new kind of sensitivity, have forged the image of the sound of contemporary music.

Following the heterodox ideology that distinguished the department, the aim has been, twenty-five years on, to give a new twist to the conceptual innovations and formats that characterised some of those initiatives.Thus, a programme with a clearly informative vocation has been devised, with an emphasis on two ambitious concerts that surprisingly transgress the usual way of listening to traditional concerts.In the first, we will have the rare privilege of listening to Morton Feldman’s ambitious piece, Patterns in a Chromatic Field, one of the great masterpieces of chamber music of the late twentieth century. In the second concert, ruling out mere repetition and any hint of melancholy, we have re-created a new CGAC Ensemble for the occasion composed of new musicians trained under the influence of the first project. The members of this formation will offer, in an intense mosaic, formerly programmed fragments and pieces, the icing on the cake being the world premiere of the young composer Daniel Apodaka’s work, as a new CGAC investment for present and future creation.



12 a.m. Teaching unit A Deep Mystery, by Manuel Rodeiro, in cooperation with Berta Fresco (piano) and Daniel Apodaka (composer)

7 p.m. Lecture-presentation. How to Make a Mosaic. Notes for Poetics on the Fragment, given by Manuel Rodeiro.

8.30 p.m.Territory of the Imagination I concert. Patterns in a Chromatic Field, by Morton Feldman, with Lluïsa Espigolé (piano) and Erica Wise (cello)


12 a.m. Teaching unit A Deep Mystery, by Manuel Rodeiro, in cooperation with Berta Fresco (piano) and Daniel Apodaka (composer)

7 p.m.Round table: 25th anniversary of the CGAC’s Music Department, with Manuel Rodeiro, Mercedes Rosón, Margarita Ledo.Moderator:Santiago Olmo

8.30 pmTerritory of the Imagination II concert, works and fragments of works by D. Apodaka*, B. Bartók, A.Berg, C. Debussy, J. González**, G. Grisey, O. Messiaen, G. Pesson, M. Rodeiro***, K. Saariaho, G. Scelsi, A.Schönberg, S. Sciarrino, I. Stravinski and A.Webern

Conducted by Ensemble CGAC:Felipe Agell (clarinet), Berta Fresco (piano), Marcos Escobar (violin), Elena Vázquez (violin), David López (viola), Alejandro Costas (cello)

* World premiere of (...el murmullo de las campanas de piedra... ) [the Murmur of the Stone Bells], work commissioned by the CGAC.

** World premiere of La soledad de la lluvia (The Solitude of Rain).

*** Re-release of Aura Caelestis (1994), work commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of the Xunta de Galicia for the official opening of the CGAC.

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