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Wednesday, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The CGAC opens a new arts education programme for the integration of people with special needs. The Diverse Classroom project, run by the cultural manager and educator Adriana Pazos Ottón, proposes contemporary art as a tool for social inclusion and the museum as a space for learning that welcomes differences.

Between January and May 2020, a series of sessions will be held open to groups or people with special needs as well as to the general public, combining guided tours and creative workshops.

The aim is to establish integrating actions that create meeting points between groups and different people capable of contributing knowledge and experiences from multiple perspectives and generating a common physical, conceptual and social space.

We will cover interdisciplinarity in the arts. We will show the works of artists such as Joseph Beuys, Marina Abramović, Bruce Nauman, Pina Bausch or, in the case of Spain, Itziar Okariz, Esther Ferrer and Yolanda Domínguez, among other outstanding figures. We will also refer to the performance aspects of some of the artists who will exhibit at the CGAC in 2020, such as Francesc Torres and Antón Patiño.

The key parts of the proposal are corporal awakening, improvisation and exploration of the expressive possibilities of the space around us and the audiovisual medium.

We will approach performance as living and experimental art. We will create sounds from everyday materials and make use of the moving image. We will understand the articulated body as an expressive material and emotional vehicle. We will work on body language and gestures, and review physical expressions that we make unconsciously on a daily basis to choreograph the experience.

The sessions will be adapted to the needs of those attending, ensuring accessibility, understanding and enjoyment of the contents proposed to the entire group.

Throughout the year we will repeat the session on different dates:


SESSION I. 5 February

SESSION II. 11 March



Adriana Pazos Ottón is a cultural manager, specialising in artistic teaching and creativity, a visual artist, video artist and performer. She graduated in Fine Arts and Art History and has qualifications in Education and Innovation in Digital Art and Culture.

She has training in psychology, teaching and artistic techniques applied to group work and as a vehicle in the field of teaching and creativity. She also has notions of live video applied to the performing arts.

Paula Quintas has a degree in Art History. She studied Contemporary Dance at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. She is the founder, together with Marta Alonso and other artists, of the C-F Dance Project, an interdisciplinary platform for dance and art direction. She is interested in the space that surrounds the body and its corporeality. Her performances and installations are characterised by the transformation of the body into a deconstructive state.

REGISTRATION: The programme is free and to participate you need to write to indicating the name of the group or participants, their ages, needs, the name of the person responsible, a contact phone number and an email address.

The places will be filled in order of registration. Each applicant will receive a confirmation email.

TARGET AUDIENCE: The programme is aimed at all audiences and ages (adults and children from 4 years old).

PLACES: Depending on the groups or people who sign up for the activity, a suitable number of places will be agreed for the proper functioning of the activity. Children from 4 to 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

DIRECTION: Adriana Pazos Ottón

COORDINATION: Virginia Villar

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Rúa Valle Inclán, 2
15703 Santiago de Compostela
Ph.: (+34) 981 546 619