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20 June 2013


On Thursday 20 June at 8 pm, the CGAC in collaboration with the USC to round off the leisure and learning series Nerd Nites in Santiago de Compostela. The event will take place at Kuinart SCQ, the CGAC´s cafeteria. Then, weather permitting, the public may visit the CGAC´s rooftop to watch the night sky through telescopes.

Talking politics, medicine, literature, art, physics or mathematics in nightclubs is an original idea that started years ago in the United States, and which last year was taken up by the city of Santiago de Compostela, Spain´s first city to organise its own Nerd Nites. NERD is the acronym for Non-Emotionally-Responding Dude (someone with a scarce emotional response). It refers to people who merge their passions with their life, giving rise to a peculiar personality. During Nerd Nites, in a relaxed tone and outside the academic scene, different guests speak to the public about the disciplines that they are passionate about.

The people who participate in the sessions combine a brilliant academic career with a great communicative capacity, both essential requirements for this initiative. Once a month at one of the city´s leisure establishments three talks take place, each 15 minutes long, on completely different subjects, but sharing the premise of simplicity of concepts and content.

On this occasion, the guests are the professor Salvador Bara Venías, who will explain to us why the stars have disappeared, and the artist Ruben Ramos Balsa, who will give a talk entitled Ernst Mach´s Objection to the Line of the Horizon.

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