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26 December 2013 - 3 January 2014



The artist Mirari Urruzola and the teacher Santiago Chenlo are running two workshops in which the participants will reflect on the importance of art in understanding the world we live in. This year, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the CGAC, the activities will revolve around concepts such as memory, celebration, rituals, the home, the museum and artistic creation in all its phases.  

Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative processes with the artists themselves. They can play, get to know, communicate and experiment with languages, media, techniques and concepts relating to art today.

Some of the centre’s spaces, such as the roof of the building and the gardens of the Parque de Bonaval, will serve as a framework for the activities carried out in the workshops.

Matching the Houses Workshop

26-27 December 2013

Age: 4-6

Places: 15

Against the backdrop of the home environment of the CGAC’s hall which evokes works such as the balconies of Ignasi Aballí, Pedro Cabrita Reis’ cabinet or Rachel Whiteread’s mattress, or even Miguel Palma’s car parked in the museum itself, Mirari Urruzola proposes building a tiny world where the museum is a house and the house is a museum. Homes made out of cardboard boxes, bits of carpet, material and sticks under Jorge Barbi’s starry sky, awaiting the dawn in the company of Din Matamoro’s paintings.

Working together, they will make holes in the walls, paint the inside walls and paper the fronts of their houses. The houses will form a city from whose gardens streamers and geometrical figures grow, where the paths are differently-textured collages and the trees are on a ludicrous scale.


Re-creating Workshop

2-3 January 2014

Age: 7- 9

Places: 20

Teacher Santiago Chenlo presents a workshop where the children who participate can transform themselves into unique works of art. They will have to choose between a selection of twenty works that have been exhibited over the museum’s history. Sculptures, paintings, videos or installations which they will have to reinterpret and recreate using their own bodies, as a prolongation or as a new and singular interpretation of the works. They can use all kinds of materials to make their creations: objects, paint, fabrics, cardboard, wigs, clothes, masks, make-up…

These human works will be accompanied by information panels containing the names of the authors, the technique used, the place of origin and dates on which  the works were carried out.

After seeing all of the centre’s different spaces, they will choose the ideal place to exhibit themselves and carry out a guided tour of the new exhibition. They will form a chain to present the works and visitors will have to guess which works the young artists based their interpretations on when designing this unique exhibition in the CGAC.

Coordination: Virginia Villar


The workshops are free and, in order to take part, those interested should register beforehand by calling the above telephone numbers between 11am-3pm or by emailing the following address:

Only children of the ages established for each workshop will be admitted.


Rúa Valle Inclán, 2
15703 Santiago de Compostela
Ph.: (+34) 981 546 619