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25-26 March 2014


Insultarte (play on words in Spanish with ‘insult’ and ‘art,’ and literally meaning ‘to insult you’) is a comprehensive activities program aimed at students and workers from the field of culture and creation. The program includes a workshop, a lecture series and a round table that will provide participants with the tools and keys necessary to take advantage of the employment opportunities available in their sector, to understand the legal framework of their job sector and to seek funding for their projects.

. 25-26 March. 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. Workshop offered by Vanessa Castro, Iñaki López and Juan Lesta
Based on case studies, the workshop offers participants advice on how to develop their projects, providing keys and guidelines for approaching their work from the legal point of view, for budgeting and seeking protection against possible plagiarism or theft. A well-defined and well-communicated project has greater possibilities of achieving funding and, therefore, its possibilities of success are higher. Participants will need to bring a project proposal or the work that they wish to present.

Profession: Artist. Some Tips for ‘Livin from Art’. 25 March. 5:00 - 6:00 pm.Conference by Iñaki López
The price of your work and of your skills. Festivals, competitions, galleries and fairs. How to disseminate your work and where to show it. Stupidiculum Vitae. For money or for free? How to finance your projects.

Licenses, Copyright and Intellectual Property
. 25 March. 6:00 - 7:00 pm. Conference by Juan Lesta
Are intellectual property rights and copyright the same thing? How to register a work (Intellectual Property Registry, SafeCreative, envelope, notary); what for? Ideas are not protected. Copyright: what is it?, Whose is it? Is it charged for? Is it only charged for? Public Domain: what is it? Is ‘free’ the same as ‘for free’?
And, how do I collect my proprietary rights? How does Vegap work and on what basis does it collect money on my behalf? How to license a work: from copyright to copyleft. Types of Creative Commons licenses. Let’s protect our creations, not just from evil (cases of corporate theft).  And if I upload my photo on Facebook... is it still mine? TOS, they don’t need to be read; they need to be understood.

I’m a Creator, I’m a Legal. 26 March. 5:00 - 6:00 pm. Conference by Vanesa Castro
How to issue an invoice. VAT and income tax. The figure of the creator and the legal framework. What is a freelancer? Differences between the Tax Agency and the Social Security Agency. Other possible legal frameworks. Natural Person, legal person. Tax obligations. The importance of signing contracts.

Uncertainty in the Cultural Sector. 26 March. 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Round table moderated by Iñaki López with the participation of the Group Insultarte (Juan Lesta, Iñaki López and Vanesa Castro), Moisés Álvarez and Marcos Nine.
The cultural sector is not only made up of its industries; it also consists of agents (creators, researchers, agitators, prosumers, etc.) that do not have a defined legal framework and who, from our experience, constitute a large majority. But, what are the labour conditions of these culture workers? How do they manage to live off their work? This round table will share some positive experiences.

The workshop is sold out. Attendance to the lectures and the round table will be free until the auditorium is filled to capacity.

Juan Lesta is a director, producer, editor and an ideas man. His activity focuses on video-creation, video clips, multimedia creation and video installations. He has received several national and international awards and mentions. Under the name DSK, he works on several audiovisual and artistic projects such as, or As founding partner of the production company Esferobite from Corunna, he develops a variety of audiovisual works aimed at communication promotion for corporations, and cultural management.
Since 2002 he teaches audiovisual classes in different design schools in Barcelona and has offered training workshops in several art centres and cultural centres all over Spain.

Iñaki López / Vanessa Castro are multimedia artists, bachelors in fine arts, and are specialized in audiovisuals and performance. They have been working together since 2003. As producers and cultural agitators, they have ample experience in international festivals and art residencies. They also exhibit their respective works, offer training workshops and didactic exhibits on contemporary audiovisuals. They have received various awards and have collaborated with a number of associations and spaces for intervention and cultural production in Spain and Portugal. For further information visit

TARGET AUDIENCE: Students and professionals from the fields of cultural and artistic creation, and everyone interested in the issues that will be addressed during the conferences.



REGISTRATION: Registration is required to participate in the workshop. Send an e-mail to Servicio de Actividades y Proyectos Educativos (, fill in the pre-registration form available at the CGAC’s web site or call 981 546 631 and 981 546 623. In all cases you will need to specify your full name, level of studies, field of work or interest, an e-mail address and a contact telephone number.

Registration is not required to attend the lectures and round table; entrance is free until the seating capacity is filled.

The CGAC shall issue a certificate of attendance and achievement to the people that participate in the workshop.

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