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18 May - 16 December 2014


Music and Art: Sound Correspondences joins the celebration of International Museum Day with a special commemoration for its fifth anniversary that converts the season into a benchmark in international music creation with the participation of composers from a plethora of countries in Europe (Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland), the Americas (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, United States and Mexico) and the Middle East and Asia (Iran, Israel and Turkey). There is space in these encounters between music and art for all of today’s creative expressions with the aim being to shine the light on the most advanced aesthetic manifestations, the most important composers and the most interesting development prospects of this new music. While in previous editions CGAC hosted as many as thirty premieres directly linked to its exhibitions, in 2014 these will be joined by an additional eleven new works commissioned by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble.

Classical references of paintings, together with confrontations between reality and virtuality, society and technology will be present in Ties, the first of the concerts meant as a celebratory tribute to this fruitful relationship between music and art with the presentation in Spain of the works of two composers closely linked to the work done by Vertixe Sonora and the CGAC, Germán Alonso (Spain, 1984) and Stefan Prins (Belgium, 1979).

The second concert—Possible/Impossible—will be linked to the figure of the Galician artist Diego Santomé. Utopia and failure, balance and instability and references to the author’s specific works serve as the elements of the story line for the premiere of Bernardo Barros (Brazil, 1980), Francisco Castillo (Mexico, 1983) and Miguel Matamoro (Spain, 1991), together with the presentation in Spain of the work of Fernando Garnero (Argentina, 1976).

For the 18 November concert the musical proposal comes from Takuto Fukuda (Japan, 1984), Vladimir Gorlinsky (Russia, 1984), Marek Poliks (USA, 1989), Benjamin Scheuer (Germany, 1987) and Sabrina Schroeder (Canada, 1979) under the title Unveiled.

In The Margin of Reality, we will listen to the new creations of Stefan Beyer (Germany, 1981), Lou Michelle (USA, 1975), Andres Nuño de Buen (Mexico, 1988) and Santiago Quintáns (Spain, 1975), musical offerings based on the exhibition on Carlos León The Order of the First Things. 

At the same time CAUSAL, International Encounter with Composers—a space for direct, pre-concert conversation with the composers that offers the opportunity to attend rehearsals—will be taking place.

 18 May, 13:00 h. Ties

Germán Alonso Ecce Saturnus*(2013)
anti-Cronia for baritone saxophone and live electronics
Stefan Prins Generation Kill Offspring 1*(2012)
percussion, cello, 2 gamecontrollers, live electronics, live video

25 June, 20:30 h. Possible/Impossible

Miguel Matamoro Outras illas* (2014)
flute, saxophone, piano and percussion
bass flute, baritone saxophone and cello
saxophone, cello, piano and percussion
Fernando Garnero Ballad (2012)
flute, saxophone, piano, percussion and electronics

18 November, 20:30 h. Unveiled 
flute, violin, harp, piano and electronics
Vladimir Gorlinsky Bramputapsel#2*(2013)
flute and clarinet
Sabrina Schroeder New Work**
saxophone, harp, piano and electronics
Takuto Fukuda New Work**
flute, violin, harp and electronics
Benjamin Scheuer New Work**
flute, saxophone, violin, harp, piano and electronics

16 December, 20:30 h. The Margin of Reality

Lou Michelle New Work**
saxophone, electric guitar and piano
Andres Nuño de Buen New Work**
acordeon, double bass and percussion
Santiago Quintáns New Work**
saxophone and electric guitar
Stefan Beyer New Work**(2014)
saxophone, acordeon, double bass, electric guitar, piano and percussion

*Presentation in Spain
**World premier. Commissioned by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble



Alessandra Rombolà flute / Joaquín Meijide clarinet / Pablo Coello saxophone, gamecontroller / Vadim Yukhnevich acordeon / Roberto Alonso violin, gamecontroller / Criptana Angulo, Thomas Piel cello / Carlos Méndez double bass / Angélica Vázquez harp / Rubén Barros electric guitar / David Durán piano / Diego Ventoso percussion / Ángel Faraldo electronics, sound and video // Pablo Coello musical direction / Ramón Souto artistic direction

DIRECTION: Pablo Coello

COORDINATION: Cristina Trigo

COLLABORATION WITH: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Rúa Valle Inclán, 2
15703 Santiago de Compostela
Ph.: (+34) 981 546 619