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15 July - 8 August 2014


Summer has arrived and is accompanied by a new edition of Talleres de lecer at the CGAC. Using experimentation techniques, this year´s activities offer a close look at the different expressions of contemporary art. Each proposal is designed to offer participants in-depth knowledge of contemporary creation through fun and hands-on experiences. Knowing the language and the wide variety of tools that can be used in contemporary art is fundamental to gain a wider view of the world we live in and learn new ways of expression.

Audiovisual workshop Off Field

Directed by the artist Diego Santomé

Ages 14 and up

15-18 July / 11 am to 1 pm / 20 seats

Many of the countless images we consume and produce every day are immediately forgotten. This workshop will teach you the process for working with sound to narrate from images, relate and/or create short audiovisual stories. You can bring along a filming device (mobile phone, digital camera...) or a file with previously recorded material. If you want to discover how the relationship between sound and images works, you can visit the CGAC´s exhibit on Diego Santomé and learn first-hand from the artist about his latest production.


Architecture workshop 2 in 1

Directed by the architect Fermín Blanco

For children, ages 10 to 12

21-24 July / 11 am to 1 pm / 20 seats

2 in 1 is an ideas and games laboratory which will enable you to explore the architectural features of the CGAC and the Museum of the Galician People by travelling back in time through its different spaces, gardens, courtyards and facades. With the Lupo construction system you will discover the secrets of these buildings and their various past lives and uses by delving into their history through a project that is full of surprises.

Playmobil animation workshop Clapperboard 1

Directed by the audiovisual entertainer Raquel Ramos

For children, ages 7 to 8

29 July - 1 August/ 11 am to 1 pm / 20 seats

What hides behind these cartoons? Find out and discover the basics of animation that will enable you to create your own projects. This workshop will teach you how to make an animated film with very special characters: the Playmobil toy figures. Use these characters to create your own story and design the ideal settings for the action. The stop-motion technique will allow you to make the characters move and bring your script to life.

Workshop Little Artists at the CGAC: Playing, Experimenting and Creating

Directed by Patricia Núñez Sánchez and Natalia Lampón Pimentel

For children, ages 4 to 6

5-8 August / 11 am to 1 pm / 15 seats

Ideas, different characters, games and a great deal of imagination. This workshop, designed for young children, aims to bring them closer to the contemporary art that is exhibited at the CGAC´s rooms. By encouraging their observation and critical spirit, children can experiment with textures, volumes, etc., and create a self-portrait-folder using a printing technique.



All the workshops are free.

You may register as of 8 July from 10 am to 2 pm by calling the Educational Projects and Activities Service (981 546 602 / 623) or by writing to Registrations must include the following data: full name and age of person or people participating, telephone number and contact email address, name of desired workshop. A maximum of two participants may register per each application.

Each applicant will receive a confirmation email which will specify the current status of the application.


COORDINATION: Gema Baños, Cristina Trigo, Virginia Villar

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Ph.: (+34) 981 546 619