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On Sunday, 12 July, the exhibition halls will be closed to the public due to the elections to the Parliament of Galicia.

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3 October - 1 November 2014


October 3rd marks the start of a new edition of the Contemporary Music Concert Series. Over the course of the month there will be more than eighteen performances offering the latest trends and developments in the field of modern music.

Among the musicians invited to perform are the pianist, Elisa Vázquez Doval and the artists, Frédérique Cambreling and Bleuenn Le Friec. Also participating will be the Galician groups, Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, Ensemble IXOR and Taller Atlántico Contemporáneo; as well as the Vogler Quartet and the Wiener Klaviertrio, who will be performing for the first time in Galicia. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Galicia and the Galician Symphonic Orchestra will offer three symphony concerts. The OFF Contemporary section with performances by Lytos and Zoar Electric, pablo_seoane_trem and Alejandro Vargas, will consist of free improvisations, contemporary music and jazz. The program includes the world premiere of pieces by composers, Antón García Abril, Oliver Rappoport, David Figols, Lula Romero, Ramón Souto and Germán Alonso, in addition to an educational workshop with the participation of the CactusWorkquestra (an open project under the direction of João Ricardo de Barros Oliveira, who specializes in plastic and sound art), the Trío Arbós, Zoar Ensemble and the University of   Santiago de Compostela Chamber Orchestra. The intensive series of activities that will unfold this month will be completed with a Street session to be held on October 4th.

The Festival of Contemporary Music is sponsored by Santiago City Hall, the University of Santiago de Compostela, CGAC and the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical, and also receives the support and collaboration of other institutions.



4 October. Programme
18.30 h: Escenas_combinacións para saxofóns, piano e electrónica. Ensemble Ixor.
20 h: Asia Contemporánea, China_Xapón_Corea. Elisa Vázquez Doval 

5 October. Programme
20 h: Windbox. Lytos and Zoar Electric.

11 October. Programme
18.30 h: George's Odyssey, unha introdución á música de vangarda. Trío Arbós.

12 October. Programme
20 h: Festa do erro. visións_improvisacións sobre Francesco d'Assisi. pablo_seoane_trem

18 October. Programme
12.30 h, 17.30 h and 19 h. CactusWorkestra instalación sonora. João Ricardo de Barros Oliveira.

19 October. Programme
12.30 h and 17.30 h. CactusWorkestra instalación sonora. João Ricardo de Barros Oliveira.

26 October.
12.30 h. Experimenta coa música. Orquestra do Espazo de Cámara da Universidade. Programme
20 h: AMa AZa LaNdo, paisaxes sonoras. Alejandro Varga. Programme

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