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22-30 December 2014


This Christmas the CGAC will be offering workshops for children aged 4-9 years. The two workshops, taught by Xesús Carballido and Rebeca Mariño, will invite participants to reflect on the importance of art as a way to understand the environment we live in. These workshop sessions will focus on the shows of Carlos León and Rosendo Cid and how they relate to the art object.

This activity will give the little ones a chance to experience and explore modern art under the guidance of artists and other professionals from the world of culture. The children will be involved in activities that include games, learning, communication exercises and they will be able to immerse themselves in creative processes through different means of expression, formats, techniques and concepts related to the latest trends in art.

Weather permitting, the workshops will be held inside and outside the museum; for example, on the roof of the building, in the gardens of Bonaval Park.

Cativarte Workshop
22 and 23 December 2014
Age: 4-6 years
Time: 11 am -1 pm
Places: 20

Xesús Carballido will use everyday materials that children can find in their homes to create art. They will work with their own broken toys, old storybooks and other things that we usually throw away or keep forever, thinking we will use them again sometime (keys, beads, paperclips, buttons, etc.). Using this very special raw material, they will make a personal three-dimensional work of art by combining several different art techniques such as drawing, painting, collage and assemblage.

No vacancies left

Teutropo Workshop
29 and 30 December 2014
Age: 7-9 years
Time: 11 am - 1:00 pm
Places: 20

For centuries people have looked for ways to reproduce reality. The desire to capture movement led humankind to embark on a long journey, tackling a true challenge. The discovery of moving pictures facilitated this experience: movement succeeded in giving images a life of their own. In this workshop we will approach the moving image through the design of different optical toys. Using drawing, photography and the human body as a model, we will create photograms for our ingenious devices. Participants will build thaumatropes, zoetropes and their own tropes.

No vacancies left  

REGISTRATION: These workshops are free of charge. Registration is open to applicants starting December 1. Please send a message to the following email address: Please include the following information: full name and age of the participating children, telephone number and email address and name of the workshop the participant would like to attend. A maximum of two participants may be included in each application. Each applicant will receive an email confirming the status of his or her application.

COORDINATOR: Virginia Villar.

Participants should bring warm clothes and raingear or umbrellas for outdoor activities.

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