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5 May - 22 June 2015


“While it is happening. Present-day drifts” aims to provide answers to the places and ideas of creation by hosting a series of conferences on different views of the world of contemporary art: What are today's new labels? How does contemporary art stand up to criticism? Why do we still try to set new trends? What are the new challenges that museums and galleries are faced with? How is the present seen and written about?
The idea is to identify the drifts and mark the processes, enter today's transformed reality and travel through the changing and varying landscapes that have taken place in today's art. In addition to the posing of these and many other questions, these conferences seek to offer a portrait of the complexity of today's creation and to collect its responses through the voice of its protagonists and agents from different areas, fom history to theory of art, architecture or artistic experience. It is an opportunity to generate something similar to a map of theories, experiences, practices, places and criticism of today's art.
The first conference on new views of history of art and ideas will be given by the philosopher Francisco Jarauta, and will be followed by the critical approach of the works by Andrés Jaque. Juana de Aizpuru will share her experience in the world of art galleries and Sarah Thornton will provide a reflection from and of the art system. All this will be accompanied by many other topics and tangential debates presented in different formats, either as keynote speeches, or through collaboration with other agents in the form of conversations or dialogues. The aim will always be to create a debate with the attending public and to establish a relationship and receive feedback with different social networks.

María Luisa Sobrino Manzanares


Francisco Jarauta
Professor of Philosophy at the University of Murcia
La situación de las Artes (The Situation of the Arts)
CGAC (Santiago de Compostela): 5 may,  8 pm
Fundación Barrié (A Coruña): 6 may,  8 pm

Andrés Jaque
Transurbanismos de andar por casa (Household transurbanisms)
Fundación Barrié (A Coruña): 13 may, 8 pm

Juana de Aizpuru
Gallery owner
Las galerías como agentes dinamizadores del desarrollo del Arte (Art galleries as the driving forces behind the development of Art)
Fundación Barrié (A Coruña): 9 june, 8 pm
CGAC (Santiago de Compostela): 10 june, 8 pm

Sarah Thornton
Writer and Art Sociologist
33 artistas en 3 actos (33 artists in 3 acts)
CGAC (Santiago de Compostela): 22 june, 8 pm
[Conference with simultaneous translation service]

Free entrance until all seats are occupied.
Organised by Fundación Barrié with collaboration of CGAC.


Francisco Jarauta
Professor of Philosophy at the University of Murcia, he has studied History, Art History and Philosophy at the Universities of Valencia, Rome, Münster-Westfalen, Berlin and Paris. He has been guest professor at European and American universities and his works focus particularly in the area of history of ideas, the philosophy of culture, aesthetics and theory of art. From his countless publications it is worth highlighting the essays Kierkegaard. Los límites de la dialéctica del individuo; La filosofía y su otro; and Fragmento y totalidad: los límites del clasicismo. He has recently been curator for various international exhibitions, such as El hilo de Ariadna (Ariadne's Thread) (2012) and Colección IVAM. XXVth Anniversary (2014).

La situación de las Artes (The Situation of the Arts)
Over the past decades, the art institution has played an increasingly important role in establishing the codes for reading all those problems which, through identity to cultural difference, forms of power and their use, various types of urgent issues and conflicts, have defined the transformations experienced by today's world. This reflection provides an analysis, through culture and art, of today's world, contrasted by the point of view of criticism and by the discussion regarding the role that should be played by institutions such as museums, contemporary culture centres and, basically, by art in its multiple forms and practices.

Andrés Jaque

Architect through the ETSAM and receiver of the Tessenow Stipendiat from the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung FVS, he is professor of Advanced Design at Columbia University GSAPP and visiting professor at Princeton University SoA. His project “IKEA Disobedients” is the first architectural situation included in the collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Founder of the Office for Political Innovation, he was awarded the Silver Lion for the best research project at the 14th Venice Biennale, directed by Rem Koolhaas. He also won the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program for 2015.

Transurbanismos de andar por casa (Househol transurbanisms)
We do not do politics in public squares. We do not live in houses. We do not work the land. Neither the city, the suburbs nor the countryside are capable of containing contemporary everyday things. A selection of research works and projects from the Office for Political Innovation provide a view of how today's social interaction transcends the stereotyped images of urbanism to settle in transtechnological compositions that are discontinuous and performative. The aim of projects such as “Sales Oddity”, “IKEA Disobedients” or “ESCARAVOX”, is to operate within this transformation and explore the transtechnological forms of the political sphere.

Juana de Aizpuru
Juana de Aizpuru has devoted her life to contenporary art, mainly as a gallery owner. In 1970 she opened her first gallery in Seville and in 1982 she opened another in Madrid. Both galleries focus on promoting new Spanish and intenational trends. She is known for having promoted ARCO Madrid, Spain's main contemporary art show, and the Asociación Española de Galeristas de Arte Contemporáneo (Spanish Association of Contemporary Art Galleries). She combines her activity as gallery owner with the curatorship of exhibitions. Throughout her career she has been distinguished with major awards, such as the Gold Medal for Fine Arts.

Las galerías como agentes dinamizadores del desarrollo del Arte (Art galleries as the driving forces behind the development of Art)
The veteran gallery owner will offer a journey through the almost 45 years of her gallery's life, analysing the evolution of society, over all those years and, consequently, of the world of art and art galleries. A journey through a personal geography, through the exhibitions, and focusing especially on the artists, and also on today's challenges and projects, on collecting and on the art market.

Sarah Thornton

Writer and art sociologist, graduate in History of Art and holder of a doctorate in Sociology. Her dissertation Drawing from Howard Becker and Pierre Bourdieu was published as Club Cultures: Music, Media and Sub-cultural Capital. Thornton was the chief editor in contemporary art for The Economist. She has collaborated in countless publications, in TV and radio programmes, and she was coeditor for the first edition of The Subcultures Reader. She is the author of Seven Days in the Art World, an international best-seller available in 16 languages. In 2014 she published 33 artists in 3 acts, a lucid examination of the major role of artists as essential figures of our culture.

33 artists in 3 acts
Sarah Thornton will speak about the structure and methodology of her latest book 33 artists in 3 acts, which delves into different issues regarding artists: What is an artist today? How do artists master credibility in their work? How do they move around the world of art and play its game? What art myths do they encourage or reject?

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