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18-19 May 2015


This workshop, aimed at amateurs and professionals from the world of photography, architecture and design, focusses on the technical and visual codes which are characteristic of architectural photography. As a practical exercise we will do a report on the building housing the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (CGAC), designed by the Portuguese architect, Álvaro Siza.
We will make the most of this year’s International Museum Day to emphasize the portrayal of the Centre as a living and inhabited architectural body in which various artistic beings and pieces leave their mark either temporarily or permanently.
To meet this goal, we will use photography as a tool having the ability to document a time and a place, creating a new reality on the basis of these intangible elements. Using the codes of architectural rendering, we will give free reign to our imagination, analytical abilities and knowledge of visual language to direct our eyes during the photographic sessions, and then be able, a posteriori, to edit the fragments and use them to build and recount our own story.

The workshop will be structured as follows:
In the introductory session, as a preamble to the practical part of the exercise, we will study the formal and technical characteristics that make architectural photography a genre of its own. There will be a group analysis of several artists who have photographed museums in the past in order to discover the photographic references that will help us define the visual processing of the report.
Next on the agenda is a visit to the museum where we will wander around seeking out and discovering images that will help us understand this space and how it relates to its occupants. During this stage, we will learn about the technical dictates and codes to follow when photographing works of architecture and interior design.
During the last part, we will review all the material collected in the previous stage and then make a selection of the images to be included in the report. There will be practical examples such as how to retouch and prepare architectural photographs for printed publications or websites. We will also decide on the format we will use to disseminate the final images

Luís Díaz Díaz
(A Coruña, 1978)
He is a freelance photographer based in Galicia. He collaborates regularly with institutions, advertising agencies, architecture studios as well as national and international magazines.
In 2010 he launched Project 30y3, an online platform aimed at publicizing modern Spanish photography, which led him to co-curate, along with Iñaki Domingo and Charlotte Cotton, the collective show P2P – Contemporary practices in Spanish photography, at the last edition of the Photoespaña festival.
His works have been exhibited at galleries and art centres at home and abroad in both solo exhibitions and as part of the collective show Todo por la Praxis, for which he twice received financial support for contemporary creation granted by the Matadero of Madrid.
His first book of photographs has recently come out, published by the Galician publishing house, Fabulatorio. He currently gives classes in the Master of Creative Photography course at the Lens School of Visual Arts in Madrid.

SCHEDULE: 5:00 – 8:30 pm

: Amateur and professional photographers of architecture and interior design and anyone interested.
A basic knowledge of the use of reflex cameras is required.

REGISTRATION: To participate in this workshop you can sign up by sending an e-mail to or by calling us at 981 546 631. Applications must include the following information: full name, studies, profession or area of interest, e-mail address and contact telephone number.
Deadline for registration is May 15.
CGAC will issue a certificate of attendance and competency to workshop participants.


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