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On Sunday, 12 July, the exhibition halls will be closed to the public due to the elections to the Parliament of Galicia.

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23 May - 16 June 2015


The series Música y arte: correspondencias sonoras (Music and art: sonorous correspondences), which has become a reference point in the world of contemporary music creation, boasts the participation of composers from all over the world and the presentation of forty exclusive premiere works over the course of the six sessions to be held at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea.
These encounters between music and art will offer the most recent creative expressions. The purpose of these sessions is to highlight today’s avant-garde works in the performing arts and music. Vertixe Sonora proposes new sonorous creations to the current generation of composers with a premise – the idea is to amble through the ways and crossroads laid out by the artists on exhibit at the CGAC.
The series begins with a double program that is once again part of International Museum Day: Tres veces silencio (Three times silence), with works by Fernando Garnero (Argentina, 1976) and Januibe Tejera (Brazil, 1978), and Codifica/Recupera (Encode/Retrieve), a multimedia show that includes instrumental and electronic music in addition to a live video, referring to the collective exhibit on photography and publishing Edita: secuencia/sentido (Publish: sequence/meaning) at which Vertixe Sonora will interpret the new work by composer, percussionist and improvisation artist, Gustavo Costa (Portugal, 1976).
Similarly, the exhibition bearing the same title as the musical piece, Tectónica (Tectonics), invites us to delve into the creative and poetic universe of the artist Manuel Vilariño through the compositions of Eduardo Caballero (México, 1976), Pamela Madsen (USA), Alberto Arroyo (Spain, 1989), Iker Güemes (Spain, 1971), Alfonso Mendoza (Mexico) and Nico Sauer (Germany, 1986).

Causal. International composition encounters
Sunday, June 14 from 11.00 am to 2:00 pm a 14.00 h. Rehearsals open to the public.
Tuesday, June 16 at 8:00 pm. A talk with the composers before the concert.
The composers will discuss their works and participate in rehearsals open to the public. Anyone interested is welcome to come to CGAC’s auditorium to witness the creative process.

Free entry until all places are filled.


23 May
Celebration of International Museum Day
1:30 pm Tres veces silencio
Fernando Garnero (Argentina, 1976), Interlude (2014)
Electric guitar
Januibe Tejera (Brazil, 1978), Trois fois silence (I) (2015)
Flute, electric guitar and piano
8:30 pm Codifica/Recupera
Gustavo Costa (Portugal, 1976), Encode/ Retrieve* (2015)
Flute, harp, piano, percussion, electronics and video

16 June
8:30 pm Tectónica
Eduardo Caballero (Mexico, 1976), El negro invadiendo el blanco* (2015)
Saxophone, horn, violin, cello
Pamela Madsen (USA), Riverly is the Moon** (2014)
Vibraphone and video
Alberto Arroyo (Spain, 1989), Desde él vértice*** (2015)
Violin, cello
Iker Güemes (Spain, 1971), Grammar* (2015)
Alfonso Mendoza (Mexico), Quebranto* (2015)
Saxophone, electronic percussion
Nico Sauer (Germany), Kammermusik* (2015)
Saxophine, horn, violin, cello, piano, percussion, electronics, video

*World premiere. Performed by Vertixe Sonora **Premiere of new version ***World premiere written for Vertixe Sonora

Vertixe Sonora Ensemble: Alessandra Rombolà flute / Pablo Coello saxophone / Benjamín Iglesias horn / Roberto Alonso violin / Thomas Piel cello / Angélica Vázquez harpa / Rubén Barros electric guitar / David Durán piano / Diego Ventoso percussion / Pablo Coello musical direction / Ramón Souto artistic direction

COORDINATION: Virginia Villar

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15703 Santiago de Compostela
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