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The Friends of the CGAC Association was created in 1997 with the aim of, as is stated in its statutes, "promoting, stimulating, and supporting cultural actions which, in the most ample terms, are related with the mission and activities of the CGAC". The fruit of this mission, the Association has developed many projects throughout the years, always related to the promotion of the CGAC´s activities, as well as its educational and social dimensions.

The aforementioned projects have led the Association to be declared a public utility by the Ministry of the Interior on April 14th, 2006, with which it receives not only the recognition of the importance of its support of the CGAC, but also important tax deductions for its members as well.

This new era for the CGAC will be characterized by greater communication between the CGAC and the Association, greater dynamism, and an increase in the activities and influence of the Association. In relation with this new work dynamic, an ambitious new project has been planned to achieve increased activity in business and social areas, in distribution, and in the education of ample sectors of the non-CGAC public, as well as greater participation in all CGAC projects.
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