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Edificio CGAC

The CGAC is a space for cultural diffusion, focusing on contemporary art, whose mission is to contribute to strengthen the modern art scene and to reflect on the diversity of cultural expressions in contemporary society.

Created in 1993, the CGAC can be set within the policy of cultural normalisation which started in the decade of the eighties with the aim of promoting the development of cultural infrastructures and favouring the entry of Galicia in the international art scene.

From its birth, the CGAC has been exhibiting the main trends of art in the last decades, setting up retrospectives on internationally established artists as well as exhibitions devoting to the promotion of Galician art, including both reputed artists as well as emerging ones. Also, the consistently present collaborations with other institutions are strengthened through long-term projects and initiatives.

Furthermore, beyond the exhibiting space, the CGAC is a dynamic and multidisciplinary centre, which holds lectures, artist-driven workshops and incursions in the fields of music, cinema, and the performing arts, thus allowing for the direct participation of the public and favouring the exchange of views among professionals of different fields.

Rúa Valle Inclán, 2
15703 Santiago de Compostela
Ph.: (+34) 981 546 619