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Curator: Miguel von Hafe Pérez & Ricardo Basbaum

Artist: Ricardo Basbaum

28 June - 6 October 2013

Ricardo Basbaum (São Paulo, 1961) is a cultural agent who is very active, not only in the artistic sense, but also as a professor, researcher and curator. Diagramas is his first retrospective exhibition in Spain. Since the mid nineties his work has gained increasing international visibility through exhibitions that combine objects, texts, installations and the participation of third parties in the construction of situations that question the effects, conditions and possibilities of contemporary art. His Diagramas form a memory of the body organised via visual and conceptual devices that function like a perceptive membrane between ‘me’ and ‘you’ in the construction of new sensorial and participative layers.

Image: membranosa-entre (NBP), 2009. Courtesy Luciana Brito Galeria

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