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Curator: Chus Martínez Domínguez

Artist: Chelo Matesanz

4 April - 8 June 2014

This exhibit takes a look at the artistic career of Chelo Matesanz (Reinosa, Cantabria, Spain, 1964), beginning with her works from the end of the eighties until the most recent ones. In this ovation to one of the most unique artists of her generation—who for many years has been linked personally and professionally to Galicia—, we can see the powerful thought process that she has created around her art, researching and questioning the very foundations of historiography and dismantling the predominant models that define the concept of art in the modern era: categories, genres, technical skills and concepts such as brilliance and originality, among others. At the same time, Chelo Matesanz has managed to develop a large and personal cartography, using different languages and supports that weave multiple themes, ironically subverted from the point of view of humour and criticism.
The title of the exhibit, My Things Under Observation, not only involves looking back, but also the will to create places to develop thought in order to face the social, artistic and cultural conditions that basically end up affecting women and their representation; a theme that on occasions the artist addresses in a radically singular manner, at times through disagreement and at others through the use of irony, showing how labels are built through language and representation. This is also the case with realities such as childhood, economy, violence, disease or sexuality, which Matesanz addresses through experimentation, by delving into the rereading of genres and art practices.
The exhibit is the result of putting together a skilled sequence of territories devoted to experiences, that explore our way of perceiving and acting before art and life, giving shape to suggestive links between art and daily routine, actively involving the visitor through the use of ironic texts, scathing images and visual metaphors that are set up in rooms in the basement of the CGAC, with the purpose of guiding the public into the most complex areas of human behaviour.

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