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Curator: Manuela Villa

Artist: Cristina Lucas

17 October 2014 - 22 February 2015

In It’s Capital Cristina Lucas (Jaén, Spain, 1973) takes a look at some of the great enigmas, paradoxes, and challenges posed by the current capitalist system through four new works designed specifically for the context of this exhibition.

Plusvalía (Surplus Value), the first of the exhibits four works, documents the research done by the artist on the current price of the manuscript of Das Kapital, which Karl Marx wrote at the end of the nineteenth century and that is one of the most influential treaties on economic policy of our time. In his work, Marx popularized the term surplus value, which he defines as the gain that the capitalist obtains from the labour force, and issues the warning that without this benefit a capitalist society would not exist.

The relationship between value in use and exchange value within a society governed by the rules of financial capitalism is also the basis of the work entitled La cámara del tesoro (The Treasure Vault), two photographs showing the amount of gold that is stored at the Bank of Spain. It is worth remembering that, while the Gold Standard prevailed, this precious metal set the value of a country's monetary unit.

The series of interviews entitled Capitalismo filosófico (Philosophic Capitalism) is the effort to understand the relationship between the philosophical concepts that companies used for their business their trading activity. What is Death for an undertakers? What is Beauty for a cosmetic surgery clinic? What is Truth for a notary publics office?

In El superbién común (The Super Common Good), the artist analyses one of the main paradoxes of the capitalist system: the shortage of resources and our planets inability to generate sufficient wealth if the entire population aspires to a lifestyle based on an unlimited consumption of goods and services.

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