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Artist: Misha Bies Golas

16 April - 15 June 2014

A black 20 x 20 cm square is the starting point. Misha Bies Golas sets up a work consisting of a series of monochrome paintings commissioned to artists from different generations. Conceived as a character piece and titled 27 negros, it turns and opens its meaning beyond that which is merely descriptive and formal—27 black paintings and, at the same time 27 artists working for him following strict guidelines: one size, one colour. Black like ancient slaves, and black like literary figures relegated to anonymity. In this case, the artists define the work's fact sheet. They create and manufacture their objects for a larger work of which they know nothing of the other pieces in the assembly line nor about the final product. Bies Golas constitutes, absorbs, usurps and shares.

The iconic nature of the motif, chosen in reference to Malevich and the different reviews of single colours throughout the twentieth century, produces a major work consisting of small pieces that take over from each other following an itinerary that occupies the entire exhibit hall and is placed at the spectators' eye level so they can observe it as they walk. The first works condition the position of the following ones, they speak to each other and take over from each other like film frames or drawings, with slight variations that create movement.

Looking from a distance reveals a frieze of ellipses. It is an open work where the number of participating artists can increase or decrease and the positioning and sequencing of the pieces can change depending on the exhibit and the space. A close look reveals the trace and gesture of each artist, often linked to their own career and, in some cases, with an unpublished twist or solution.

Teo Soriano, Nacho Martín Silva, Carlos Maciá, Mikeldi Pérez Urkijo, Nuria Fuster, Alain Urrutia, Antonio González, Din Matamoro, Miren Doiz, Manuel Eirís, Julia Spínola, Guillermo Pfaff, José Manuel Vidal, Ion Macareno, Amaya González Reyes, Kiko Pérez, Xoan Torres, Juan López, Ian Waelder, Diego Vites, Jorge Varela, Dai KS, Kepa Garraza, Vítor Mejuto, Ángela Cuadra, Suso Fandiño and Mar Vicente. 27 ways of addressing the same theme, 27 versions that become a lesson in painting and a group exercise in style.

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