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Curator: Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego

Artist: Manuel Vilariño

19 March - 27 September 2015

Tectónica is not just another Manuel Vilariño exhibition. What is proposed here is an exploration into his creative and poetic world, but from a perspective which allows us to approach his work from an unprecedented angle or viewpoint. It enables him to produce a tectonic piece of work, in the metaphorical sense of the term; that is, to investigate and prove what the founding lines on which his aesthetic reflection are based are, and that explain, by way of a continuous impulse and counterpoint, all of the plastic and poetic attainments, the vital experience itself, of such a unique author. 

This exhibition aims to find the places where silence or the original astonishment of the creative act shelters, as does the splendour of the images wherever they shine. The exhibition has been designed to start from four large veins or thematic and formal sections: Music, Poetry, Science and Image. In each of these strata of sensitive experiences, a series of fundamental references in Miguel Vilariño’s career can be contemplated, while at the same time the aesthetic universe of the author is contextualised and explained, with examples of his own works, or his proposals, readings, as well as vital, cultural, musical, knowledgeable and, ultimately, poetic references, in the widest and most profound sense of the term.   

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