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Curator: Rafael Levenfeld e Valentín Vallhonrat

Artist: Antoni Arissa

18 September - 15 November 2015

Arissa. The Shadow and the Photographer. 1922-1936 is a photographic exhibition by Colección Telefónica devoted to the Catalan artist Antoni Arissa (Sant Andreu, 1900 - Barcelona 1980). The exhibition is the result of the work to recover photographic archives that Fundación Telefónica has been carrying out for years, as is the case of the Telefónica Photographic Archive, or the archives of Marín, Brangulí and Virxilio Viéitez. The exhaustive research and restoration work done by the curators Valentín Vallhonrat and Rafael Levenfeld spotlights Arissa as the figure responsible for the introduction of the New Vision Movement in Spanish photography at the start of the twentieth century.

The Shadow and the Photographer shows Arissa's evolution since pictorialism to the avant-garde New Vision movement, through a careful selection of over one hundred and fifty photographs taken between 1922 and 1936. These images speak to us of a photographer and his era, who participates in the medium's technological advances and new artistic trends by providing his own vision through the experiments carried out in the intimacy of his small workshop.

Exhibition produced by Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya.

At 6:30 pm in the CGAC Board of Trustees Conference Room, Valentín Vallhonrat and Rafael Levenfeld will deliver the first of a lecture series on the recovery of archives and their impact on the historical assessment of certain authors.

The photographs in the exhibition, Arissa. The Shadow and the Photographer. 1922-1936, are vintage copies of the artist’s original negatives. After being digitised and restored, all images were printed on cotton paper with mineral pigments. Theshowis complemented by a documentation stand in the CGAC Library, where you can find more information about the figure of Antoni Arissa and his historical context.

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