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Curator: Santiago Olmo

Artist: Antoni Socías

31 March - 12 June 2016

The exhibition Theory and Practice of the Desert is a journey through the processes that are present in the work of Antoni Socias. Photography and painting, objects, installations and videos are linked through friction.

His works reveal a preference for paradox and also for the absurd that subtly turn into latent social and political criticism from the point of view of lesser things, underlining the importance of attitudes in everyday routines.

In this regard, many of his works, including the pictorial ones, have a certain measure of performance. On certain occasions, performance is present in the radical importance that his work gives to labour processes and methodologies, while on others, what takes place is an in-series method of reproduction where the presence of the artist is like a self-critical self-portrait that leaves the door open to a type of social criticism that springs from absolute absurdity (nothing is arbitrary or left to chance), illuminating reality in a different way.

On the day of the opening, at 7:00 p.m., a conversation will be held between Santiago Olmo, curator of the exhibition, and the artists Antoni Socías and Caramo Fanta in the CGAC Board of Trustees conference room.
Starting 9:30 p.m., Enric Socias (images) and Borja Vega (sound) will be offering a live audiovisual performance entitled HIPN. 

Exhibition brochure

Lecture Audio Recording [spanish] (Antoni Socías, Caramo Fanta and Santiago Olmo, 31 April 2016)

Laboratory of Ideas with Antoni Socías

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