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Curator: Armando Montesinos & Mariano Navarro

Artist: Varios

17 February - 28 May 2017

Interpretative criteria (ground floor and Double Space)

Critical interpretations (basement)

Theoretical displacements (first floor)

The project Critical [Ex]positions. Critical Discourses in Spanish Art, 1975-1995, directed by Santiago Olmo and curated by Armando Montesinos and Mariano Navarro, aims to highlight the existence of critical criteria and interpretations that have shaped different theoretical lines and discourses, sometimes with shared elements and other times with clearly opposing ones, thus contradicting the cliché that critical thinking has never been part of the Spanish art world.

The project covers a historical period of profound social, cultural and generational transformations. The end of General Franco’s dictatorship and the consolidation of democracy would bring with them both the material development—creation of museums and contemporary art centres, multiplication of the media, etc.—and the intellectual development—university-level Fine Arts studies, development of critique, etc.— of the art system. Market problems, the full incorporation of women into artistic practices, or the new figure of the exhibition curator are just a few examples of the changes that occurred over those two decades.

Critical [Ex]positions. Critical Discourses in Spanish Art, 1975-1995 is made up of three simultaneous and complementary exhibitions that map the most significant emerging lines of art critique by reviewing and re-interpretinga series of exhibitions produced at that time, showing works by Spanish artists present in these exhibitions, and documentary material to contextualise the different successive episodes. The works and documents come from various public and private collections, as well as from foundations and archives in national territory.

The project is completed with a series of activities that aim to trace the problems of current critical thinking.

Video of the presentation (Santiago Olmo, Mariano Navarro, Armando Montesinos)

Exhibition Brochure

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Project Director: Santiago Olmo

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