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Curator: Susana González

Artist: Patricia Esquivias, Luciana Lamothe & Sofía Táboas

22 June - 29 October 2017

Place: Contingencies of Use is an approach to the existential meaning of architectural space. The project shows site-specific works by the artists Patricia Esquivias, Luciana Lamothe and Sofía Táboas, produced for different locations within the building designed by Álvaro Siza. The origin of their proposals lies in the field of the contemporary city and in architecture, sharing the common denominator of the promotion of acts that address specific architectural environments. Their works deal with that which is tectonic, with the morphology of materials and the building elements. They address the historical and symbolic dimension and the perceptive and cognitive one, which is ultimately the end that justifies spatial construction and consequently architecture.

Guided tours by Susana González (exhibit curator) and/or Santiago Olmo (Director of the Centre) at noon on 27 July and 3, 10, 24, and 31 August, 22 September and 19 October. Free admission. Signing up is not required.

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