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Curator: Claudia Gioia

Artist: Carlos Garaicoa

23 March - 1 July 2018

Carlos Garaicoa (Havana, 1967) observes cities, architectures and unrealised dreams—some already forgotten and others still within reach. He interprets their story lines, their grievances and indelible memories and then, with a tireless creativity, he outlines different perspectives, grafting past and present. He draws new vanishing points, seeking out commonplace things and crowds as subjects of an incessant process of transformation into something else.

Just as Havana had been the starting point from which he investigated the meaning and possibilities of a specific time in social life, the cities and history of Europe become a metaphor for the present through words, images and the history of economic, political and cultural utopias that have been woven together—the urban face, subjectivity—until they vanish and are transformed, waning away towards something that is yet to be clarified.

El palacio de las tres historias starts out in the city of Turin and focuses on the different forces that comprise its history—the industrial aspect, the rationalist element and the reuse of abandoned buildings—to rapidly transcend the specifics of Italian history and offer a general account of the 20th century—of the results and expectations of new possibilities. After its stint at the Fondazione Merz in Turin, Carlos Garaicoa’s project comes to CGAC in Santiago de Compostela in a narrative continuum where words are anti-rhetorical, the image is forward-looking and the architecture is a social statement in defiance of any kind of power symbols.

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Video of the presentation (Carlos Garaicoa, Claudia Gioia, Santiago Olmo)

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