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Curator: Santiago Olmo

Artist: Javier Riera

27 September - 25 November

The work of Javier Riera is based on geometrically-shaped light projections, cast directly onto the natural backdrop. He uses photography as a means of recording and disseminating what is happening, without digital manipulation. His work is focused, therefore, on an experience of real intervention related to the ‘space and time of the landscape,’ in line with the Land Art proposals.

The relationship between geometry and nature acquires a musing character in this work, appealing to a coexistence of the public with the power of suggestion emanating from the changes in the landscape they are witnessing, which aspires to broaden their perceptions, building bridges towards hidden qualities and dimensions of the spaces in which it is taking place. Riera understands geometry as a natural language prior to matter, capable of establishing a kind of subtle and revealing resonance with it.

Exhibition brochure 

Video presentation (Javier Riera - Santiago Olmo)

Video of the intervention

Video Javier Riera CGAC Hall

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