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Curator: Bruno Leitão

Artist: Ângela Ferreira

21 June -6 October 2019. Hall and first floor.

Since the very beginnings of her research and artistic practice, Ângela Ferreira has always focused her work on the colonial legacy of Africa and, broadly speaking, on the relations between Europe and Africa.On the one hand, she focuses on the architectural vestiges of the twentieth century, so closely linked to modernism, and, on the other, on the possibilities art and cinema offer as instruments of critical emancipation to think and implement renewed utopias.

The title of the exhibition is a reference to Jean Rouch's film Petit à petit (1971), which includes one of the themes that is key to this filmmaker's work and is, in turn, the core of Ferreira's work: the clash between Africans and Europeans or, at least, the history of such coexistence.

As a person who ponders on the relations between Europe and Africa, Ferreira has been a powerful, and at times solitary voice, which, within the Portuguese artistic scene, has addressed the issue of decolonising utopias and their promises of emancipation.Based on the ideas of Homi Bhabha, Franz Fanon and Amílcar Cabral, her work has enabled her to revisit the internationalist practices that aimed at constructing an idea of decolonised nationality and reconsidering the fundamentals of liberated homelands.Her politicised, but never propagandistic approach allows an uncomplicated yet sophisticated vision of the scourges of racialisation, extractivism and subalternisation.

The set of works presented in the exhibition provides a perspective seen through the accomplishments of her artistic research that reflects the evolution of stylistic discourse and the artist's desire, from the onset of her career, to place Western art in parallel with non-Western art. Furthermore, it aims to build unimagined bridges between the politicised art of the constructivists and the autonomous art of the American minimalists, the film projects by Jean Rouch or the introduction of the independence debate into pop culture through the voice of Bob Dylan.

With regard to monumentalisation, Ângela Ferreira conceives the effect of her work as a sum of small acts and proposals that, little by little, enable her to rethink the common ground of a relationship between peoples on which the whole system of accumulation has its foundations since protocapitalism.

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