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We Refugees

Curator: Santiago Olmo, Piedad Solans

Artist: Varios

28 June - 13 October 2019

Although in recent years television news and journalism have catapulted the flow of refugees as a problem to the front page, the history of the 20th century is riddled with dramatic conflicts and millions of people displaced, exiled, expatriated and living as refugees. The story of humanity itself is built on forced displacement, flight and asylum. This project recaptures the title of a well-known essay by Hannah Arendt published in 1943 in Menorah Journal, a prestigious New York-based Jewish magazine, with the aim of identifying and emphasising the universal nature of exile and the construction of democratic societies based on the protection of the right to asylum. The exhibition aims to reposition the problem of refugees from a complex perspective, steering clear of the sensationalist elements of journalistic instantaneousness and pointing to a more historical perspective which takes into account the way in which our societies have been built on the foundations of exile, with exile and through exile.


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