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Curator: Miguel von Hafe Pérez

Artist: Varios

22 November 2013 – 23 March 2014

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the CGAC presents 93, an exhibition designed to take us back to the early nineties, when the museum opened its doors to the public for the first time.

Over the last twenty years, the museum designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira has played an important role in the dissemination, preservation and study of contemporary art.

93 is an exhibition that lets its chronological scope define its essential matrix: like a slice of history, it features works by more than one hundred international artists working in various media and formats. Besides, it comprises almost exclusively works from private and institutional collections in Spain, Portugal and France, reflecting the art scene after the normalisation of the political system and the advent of democracy in Spain and Portugal. In the early nineteen-nineties, the Iberian art system witnessed a deep cultural change in terms of production methods, precisely because it underwent a significant and ongoing process of professionalization.

At the same time, in the international context artists lived on the dregs of the euphoria of the eighties, with a greater critical awareness of economic, political and social aspects arising not only from the deep market crisis of the previous decade, but also due to the emergence of concerns and studies related to gender. Likewise, the disengagement of art with regards to the market made it possible to experiment more freely with other visual languages such as photography or video, which become consolidated as regular museum practices from then on.

93 combines not only the emerging presences in different national contexts, but also artists we believe are paradigms for that new generation, on a horizontal timeline that will allow the viewer a precise trip through time.

Artists in the exhibition

Ignasi Aballí • Pep Agut • Ana Laura Aláez • Nobuyoshi Araki • Txomin Badiola • Miroslaw Balka • Jorge Barbi • Xosé Carlos Barros • Ross Bleckner • Bleda & Rosa • Angela Bulloch • Gerardo Burmester • Pedro Cabrita Reis • Berta Cáccamo • Pedro Calapez • Nuria Canal • Vari Caramés • Fernando Casás • Rui Chafes • Victoria Civera • Jordi Colomer • José Pedro Croft • Mark Dion • Pepe Espaliú • Harun Farocki • Ângela Ferreira • Michel François • Joan Fontcuberta • Coco Fusco & Paula Heredia • Carlos Garaicoa • Dora García • Nan Goldin • Douglas Gordon • Antony Gormley • Renée Green • Andreas Gursky • Graham Gussin • Federico Guzmán • Peter Halley • Mona Hatoum • José Antonio Hernández–Diez • Gary Hill • Noritoshi Hirakawa • Thomas Hirschhorn • Roni Horn • Ánxel Huete • Pierre Huyghe • Cristina Iglesias • Pello Irazu • Derek Jarman • Menchu Lamas • Antón Lamazares • Langlands & Bell • Jonathan Lasker • Jac Leirner • Francisco Leiro • Leonilson • Rogelio López Cuenca • João Louro • Chris Marker • Din Matamoro • Chelo Matesanz • Manuel Moldes • Pedro Mora • Juan Luis Moraza • Juan Muñoz • Antonio Murado • Lucia Nogueira • Itziar Okariz • Julian Opie • Xurxo Oro Claro • Gabriel Orozco • Miguel Palma • Antón Patiño • Manolo Paz • Carlos Pazos • Pamen Pereira • Perejaume • Walid Raad & Jayce Salloum • Pipilotti Rist • Pedro G. Romero • Martha Rosler • Thomas Ruff • Francisco Ruiz de Infante • Edward Ruscha • Doris Salcedo • Julião Sarmento • Sean Scully • Susana Solano • Hiroshi Sugimoto • Sam Taylor-Wood • Francesc Torres • Javier Tudela • Juan Uslé • Eulàlia Valldosera • Isidoro Valcárcel Medina • Xesús Vázquez • Manuel Vilariño • Gillian Wearing • William Wegman • Rachel Whiteread 

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