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Curator: Miguel von Hafe Pérez

Artist: Patricia Almeida, Tono Arias, David Barreiro, André Cepeda, Dispara, Luis Díaz Díaz, António Júlio Duarte, José Pedro Cortes, Fabulatorio, Ghost, Xosé Lois Gutiérrez, Pierre von Kleist, Reinaldo Loureiro, Jesús Madriñán, Tono Mejuto, André Príncipe, Simona Rota, São Trindade.

6 March - 14 June 2015

On the basis of the experience and recognition of four publishing houses from Galicia and Portugal, (Dispara, Fabulatorio, Ghost and Pierre von Kleist), this exhibition is rooted in the rapport between the creative act and its subsequent publication. With a long history consolidated in modernism as a fundamental narrative in shaping the idea of the world, photography that is printed in books challenges the storyline of the text and distances itself from the aura of the individual object. It is at the crossroads between the image/exhibit and the image/narrative where contemporary photography has most effectively demonstrated its importance in the field of visual arts.

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