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16 April 2024 - 28 May 2024
Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Virginia Villar
Román Padín
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30 €

Contemporary culture encompasses a broad spectrum of obsessions, interwoven under the power of image in the media.

The world of pop-rock and techno, manga art, hip hop culture, artificial intelligence and technology build aesthetic universes where the line between reality and invention is blurred.

Mass media idols are hugely present in our lives. They reach us continuously through extremely diverse channels and media, and their proximity is such that we feel compelled to dress and act like them.

Arts, fashions, contemporary cultures are part of us. From the creation of MTV and the popularisation of music videos that ‘killed the radio star,’ to the recent irruption of artificial intelligence and the metaverse, the truth is that we are no longer us.

From the couture of Azzedine Alaïa, Thierry Mugler and Kansai Yamamoto to the pink of Valentino or the spray-on dress of Coperni, we are no longer us.

From Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel to Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga, from Yayoi Kusama and Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton to Barbie at Zara and Manu Ríos at Loewe, we are no longer us.

This course draws a picture of the past, present and future of contemporary cultures and fashions, while treading the fine line that separates divaism in art from divaism in the street.





16th April. Contemporary culture. On the edge of the void. When the world shifts towards a discourse of indifference, eternal seduction, violent images and narcissism. Magazines and fashion shows. The age of emptiness.

23rd April. First form, then function. When rhetorical forms break the rationalism of function. Postmodernism. Ephemeral empires. Architect encounters aimed at changing the world and moving images.

30th April. Sight and sound. The spectacle of fashion. Stars of the night club, the global screen and the catwalk. Prêt-à-porter and the international scene.

7th May. The aesthetic conversion of the planet. The shadows of the avant-garde. Projections of the interpretations. The global question. Hypermodernity.

21st May. Hyperobject, sneakers and hiphop. Taste and thrill. The society of consciousness.

28th May. Disappointed and light. The absolute value of the image on the body. Tattoos and sensational clothes. Consumption is king. Divas of the arts and the streets.


Given by:

Román Padín Otero (Vilagarcía de Arousa, Pontevedra, 1966) is an author, creator, lecturer and teacher. He holds a PhD in Contemporary Art from the University of Vigo and specialises in fashion, museums, textiles and trends.

He taught the subject ‘Analysis of Fashion Trends’ for a decade at the School of Design and Fashion (ESDEMGA) at the University of Vigo. Currently, he teaches the ‘Lines of Research’ module in the Fashion Design and Creative Management Master’s degree at the same university. He is curator and conservator of Teresa Berganza's concert wardrobe and author of the book Historia de las tendencias de moda (Dextra, 2023).


Target group:

The course is aimed at students of fashion, art, design, architecture, journalism and anyone interested in the proposed subject.


Registration is open from January 22nd to April 12th, 2024. If you are interested, please email Please include your full name, national ID card number, studies, area of work or interest, an email address and a contact telephone number. Once your request has been accepted, registered applicants will be sent payment details.


The CGAC will award a certificate to all those who attend at least 70% of the sessions.