28 April 2021
18:30 p.m
Carmen Hermo Martínez

In December 2020, A arte está feita dunha materia incerta e fragmentaria was published, the first book in the CGAC_Ensaio series, a collection linked to the annual call for the CGAC Research and Essay Writing Award on Contemporary Art promoted by the museum since 2018. The author of this first title is Rosendo Cid (Ourense, Spain, 1974), who gave us an amusing reflection on contemporary artistic practice, a text of great literary quality written with a very personal approach and marked by two omnipresent strategies in the visual work of the artist from Ourense: humour and irony.

The CGAC's commitment to essay writing in the Galician language will continue with the publication in the coming months of the award-winning texts from the 2019 and 2020 editions: “Tigres en magnolias. A maxia como transformación na arte contemporánea”, by María Marco, and “Memoria do azul. A afección monocroma do contemporáneo”, by Laura Calvo Gens.

The launch of the collection was also a unique opportunity to collaborate with one of the emerging talents of Galician graphic arts, the designer specialising in typography and co-founder of the NM Type label, María Ramos. She is the author of the Trisco CGAC typeface, the hallmark of the collection, and is responsible for the cover design of this first issue of the series.

On Wednesday 28 April at 18:30, the CGAC auditorium will host the presentation of the CGAC Research and Essay Writing Award on Contemporary Art, with the participation of Anxo Manuel Lorenzo, Secretary General for Culture, the award-winning authors of the first three editions, Rosendo Cid, María Marco and Laura Calvo Gens, the designer María Ramos and the Director of the CGAC, Santiago Olmo.