21 January 2023 - 21 May 2023
Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Workshops for families are back, an activity intended for children aged 4-9 to help them discover the vast universe of contemporary art and get to know it better.

This year, we are visiting a different continent and travelling to the north of Africa. We will discover the magic, the colours and the tales hidden in the works of art made by contemporary Moroccan creators, a country that is both nearby and relatively unknown. We will immerse ourselves in its cultures and landscapes, its most ancient traditions and its day-to-day reality. We will do this by erecting bridges to new worlds, building cities, creating with the light and shapes of the places we inhabit.



Saturday, 21 January. Families with children aged 4-6

Sunday, 22 January. Families with children aged 7-9

Registration period: 10-19 January

Nature, landscapes and the plant shapes that surround her fascinate Malika Agueznay. Specifically, marine flora is a continuous source of inspiration for her paintings. Like an explorer of the plants and microscopic beings that live in the marine environment, she creates silhouettes and composes figures that give rise to colourful abstract objects. Starting from elements found in nature, we will create designs and discover microscopic beings. We will let ourselves be carried away by the strength of colour, experimenting with a diverse range of materials.



Saturday, 18 February. Families with children aged 4-6

Sunday, 19 February. Families with children aged 7-9

Registration period: 7-16 February

Younes Rahmoun’s work revolves around the culture of his country and his experiences, which he compiles and transforms into curious works of art. He uses different creative media and tools, such as drawing, new technologies and experimentation with light. In this workshop, we will build spaces of light, be inspired by the stars or by the power of shadows to create our constructions. We will also use our bodies aa a creative material.



Saturday, 11 March. Families with children aged 4-6

Sunday, 12 March. Families with children aged 7-9

Registration period:  28 February - 9 March

Sara Ouhaddou is an authority on her country’s culture and the importance of traditional crafts. Compiling the most ancient forms of Moroccan art, she expresses a new means of defending it through design and creation. Often it is letters, the Arabic alphabet, which inspire her to tell her story. Wouldn’t you like to roam among symbols, calligraphy and traditional Arabic crafts? We will make colourful collages, fusing cultures and searching for treasures to tell stories with objects found like archeologists in their excavations, and we will discover the secrets of the Arabic alphabet using our bodies and our imagination.

Faremos coloridas colaxes onde fusionaremos culturas, buscaremos tesouros para contar historias con obxectos atopados coma os arqueólogos nas súas expedicións



Saturday, 15 April. Families with children aged 4-6

Sunday, 16 April. Families with children aged 7-9

Registration period: 4-13 de April

Yto Barrada works with photography, paint, video and sculpture. Two worlds collide in her works:  Moroccan tradition and modernity. She is interested in the structures of cities, of society, borders… Through her work we will make a new map of the world, discover old toys and explore dyeing techniques using natural elements. A bridge uniting contemporary art and popular knowledge.



Saturday, 20 May. Families with children aged 4-6

Sunday, 21 May. Families with children aged 7-9

Registration period: 9-8 May

Hassan Darsi believes that art can help change the world and develop a country’s culture. His work is influenced by his life and surroundings and for this reason he often proposes new forms of construction to transform streets and buildings into places of well-being for their inhabitants. He loves collaborating with different people to make his works and turn everyday objects into something enjoyable and different.  The colour gold is one of his favourites: he uses it in sculptures, paintings and installations. Would you like to find out why? Join us in this workshop to create golden landscapes and design our ideal spaces.



The workshops are free of charge and in order to participate, those interested should send an email, within the established time periods, to cgac.educacion@xunta.gal. The message should include the title of the activity, the names of the participants, their ages, a contact telephone number and email address.

Only the applications of people meeting the age requirements established for each of the workshops will be accepted. The places available will be awarded by order of registration. Each applicant will receive a confirmation email.

PLACES: 10 children, each accompanied by a maximum of 2 family members in each workshop


COORDINATOR: Virginia Villar