Since it opened, the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea has carried out an intense publishing activity that can particularly be seen in its exhibit and monograph catalogues, but also in its parallel line of publications, that bring together other documents and materials that have been added to its collection of publications as a result of the encounters and synergies generated by the centre’s activities.

Likewise, the CGAC’s publications department, based on a model where dialogue and collaboration between the different agents of the art world are especially important, pays special attention to the creative possibilities generated by publishing, working directly with the artists in the conception and execution of the published works.

The centre’s catalogue of publications contributes towards the documentation and dissemination of its activities, focusing on the study of contemporary art and spreading the work of artists, critics and curators throughout the international art circuits.

All our titles can be purchased online (Spain only) and in the specialised bookshop within the same centre.