Advisory Board

The CGAC Advisory Council, created by Decree 163/2018, of 13 December, which establishes the organic structure of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, currently Ministry of Culture, Education, Professional Training and Universities, is a collegiate body of consultation and advice for matters related to the competencies of the CGAC and participation of socio-economic agents related to the development of contemporary art in Galicia.

It is made up of people linked to cultural creation and of recognized prestige in the field of contemporary art.

Currently the components of the CGAC Advisory Board are:

  • Román Rodríguez González
  • Anxo M. Lorenzo Suárez
  • Santiago Olmo García
  • Silvia García González
  • Celestino García Braña
  • Xosé Antón Castro Fernández
  • Cecilia Pereira Marimón
  • Agar Ledo Arias
  • Luz Marina Álvarez Moreira