24 February 2024 - 5 May 2024
Hall, ground floor, first floor, Double Space and basement
António Gonçalves

The most complete and comprehensive vision of an artist’s work is made possible when we have the opportunity to examine their artistic production throughout their career. An opportunity to travel in time, taking as a reference point the works that are a product of effort and dedication to the unique task of wanting to show.

1 April 2024 - 2 February 2025
Diego Vites, en colaboración con NEG (Jorge Varela, Misha Bies Golas, Alejandra Pombo Su, Diego Vites), Violeta

Salto cuántico (Quantum Leap) is an interactive sculpture with three mobile, interchangeable modules. It adopts the structure of the first computers from the nineteen-forties—contemporary totems on casters that allow constant updates, making this an open structure in the quantum space.