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Antón Patiño
Antón Patiño
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13 March 2020 - 17 January 2021
Ground floor and basement
Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego

Chaosmos is a journey through the trajectory of the Galician artist Antón Patiño (Monforte de Lemos, Lugo, Spain, 1954), focusing on an anthology of pieces that covers different stages of his work in the field of visual arts, since his participation in the foundation of Atlántica (a central reference point for Galician art in recent decades) to the present, but also in the fields of literature and thought, as the author of several books on artistic essays and picture theory.

He is a multifaceted figure, even when we focus on his cultural activist side. Thorough investigator of the cultural references of modern Galicia (from Reimundo Patiño to Urbano Lugrís, Carlos Oroza or Luís Seoane), he keeps close ties with poets and writers, and has been extremely active as an advocate and diffuser of our culture and literature outside Galicia. The goal of the exhibition is to make all these connections visible and highlight the multiple facets of a rich and complex personality.

The title, Chaosmos, is also a key concept with which the artist has been working for years, a paradigm that defines the sophistication of hypermodernity. The legendary antagonistic notions of classical culture, chaos and cosmos, establish a dialectical fusion in an expressive conceptual fusion, chaosmos, following the intuition of Joyce's neologism.

The antagonistic polarities as sources of creative energy set up a magnetic field of poetic-artistic intuitions. This exhibition is an encounter with those spaces of conflict that define the human condition. Tensions between nature and culture, thought and matter. Colour, strokes and iconographic representations establish a space of fusion and hybridisation.

In a transit room that connects the two levels of the exhibition, the archive with publications, letters and notes of the artist can be found. This documentary section, which is complemented by the projection of ergographs and a concept map, is set up as a kind of labyrinth or spider web that describes the peaks of intensity of the Chaosmos.

Another important stop in the exhibition is the room called Inventario de espumas (Foam Inventory), with hundreds of windows opening on to the sea, each with random splashes. An amniotic piece where the sound textures of the sea can be heard through a screen that enables us to contemplate the works in the landscape of the Atlantic sands.