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28 June 2019 - 29 September 2019
Diana Padrón
Max de Esteban

The project 20 Red Lights is a political essay that unveils the implications of the economy’s digital financialisation and how it relates to the radicalisation of the neoliberal agenda—an issue of utmost importance in the context of our global culture, which deserves to be closely examined from the perspective of art.

Digital technologies are leading us towards a far-reaching, fast-paced transformation of our world. The Rolling Stones reflected on this rapidly changing society of globalisation in one of their songs: it is faith that should save us from our rash decisions. To run twenty red lights solely on the basis of faith is exactly the logic that underlies today’s finance model. Finance is the technology that determines the frontiers of research, innovation and investment and it is therefore the appropriate and necessary area in which a critical analysis of the present moment must be done in order to build new economic, political and social models that will be sustainable.

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