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Maite Vieta: O paraíso perdido I, 2024
Maite Vieta: O paraíso perdido I, 2024


20 September 2024 - 19 January 2025
First floor
Natàlia Chocarro

Mayte Vieta (Blanes, Girona, 1971) is a visual artist who uses space and light as a means of expression through photography, sculpture and installation.

Against a backdrop ranging from Milan Kundera to Simone Weil, Vieta reflects on the contradictions of human experience through snapshots that capture the complexity of the spectrum of our emotions, thoughts and experiences. Her works redefine the relationship between opposites with the coherence that only lies in dreams.

With her pieces, Vieta creates dream-like atmospheres in whose parallel reality gravity and weightlessness coexist, and where frontiers between the peaceful and the tragic blur to suggest states of mind that in their ambiguous intensity integrate these opposites.

Her landscapes, composed of non-places of silence and stillness, speak to us of the suspension of the present and immersion in a new gravitational universe, one where time slows down, the moment gets longer and the subject becomes nature.

Conceived as a refuge from the outside world, The Sound of the Sea expresses a form of complex happiness that contains mixed feelings of plenitude and escape. The feeling of plenitude is accompanied by a strange perception of melancholy, a kind of stupor before the immeasurable dimension of nature, which both caresses and oppresses us.

Curated by Natàlia Chocarro, External Project Manager of Fundació Vila Casas, the exhibition has been conceived for the Galician Centre for Contemporary Art, which is hosting the work of this Catalan artist for the first time.