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29 January 2021 - 23 May 2021
Ángel Cerviño
Erik Balbuena, Vicente Blanco, Teresa Búa, Mónica Cabo, Rosendo Cid, Salvador Cidrás, Marcos Covelo, Victoria Diehl, Manuel Eirís, Suso Fandiño, Almudena Fernández Fariña, David Fidalgo Omil, Basilisa Fiestras, Amaya González Reyes, Julia Huete, Marta Lorenzo, Rut Massó, Manuel Mata, Nano 4814, Álvaro Negro, Doa Ocampo, Kiko Pérez, Jorge Perianes, Mar Ramón, Rubén Ramos Balsa, Juan Rivas, Borja Santomé, Sandra Varela, Mar Vicente, Verónica Vicente

Coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Fine Arts Faculty of Pontevedra (1990-2020), the exhibition project Nurturing Uncertainties. Reformulating Spaces / Provoking Perspectives aims to display a important selection of art works created by the students who have passed through its classrooms during its more than a quarter of a century of activity. Thirty artists have been selected, covering the time span of different study promotions—from the graduates of the early years of the faculty to those who are still finishing, right now, their studies. Each artist will be represented in the exhibition by a work, or a collection, that is particularly relevant to their trajectory. The vast majority of works chosen are ones that have been purchased by museums, institutions and private collections—many belonging to the CGAC Collection—thus closing the circle of the essential social and institutional support of artistic production.

The twenty-five years’ age difference between the artists taking part in the exhibition practically constitutes a generation leap (those young people who were going to have their ‘thirtieth birthdays in 2000’ will be fifty in 2020); therefore, in exhibiting this collection of projects, we will also witness something that is quite similar to a new generational handover, with all the paradigm shifts this involves.

In parallel to the exhibition, Natalia Poncela and Miguel Anxo Rodríguez will coordinate an intensive programme of activities structured round a cycle of discussion panels, seminars, conferences, and meet and greets with artists. Likewise, the space Aula Alberta, set up in the halls of the CGAC for this purpose, and the teaching spaces of the Fine Arts Faculty will host different classes, seminars and presentations held by the university’s research groups.

A dual edition project will complete this exhibition programme: the book-catalogue of the exhibition with the respective graphic material and a second publication, whose purpose will be to document and record the contributions and proposals arising from the discussion panels, meetings and activities.