carmen nogueira

Activating the piece Porto (Porteños), 2010, in the Sea Museum of Galicia. Activity run by the artist Carme Nogueira

28 November 2021
Canteen of the Sea Museum of Galicia, Vigo
Sara Donoso
Carmen Nogueira
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Free activity with prior enrolment.

As a complement to the exhibition Pingas rompentes, the artist Carme Nogueira will carry out an activity that includes reflections on the growth of the city, its flows, and the influence of the sea and its dynamics. Starting with the piece Porto (Porteños), which in the exhibition presents a cross cultural narrative between Chile and Galicia through the influence of the sea, a meeting with the public will take place outside the Sea Museum of Galicia to reflect on the role the port plays in building the city. The meeting will be attended by Pablo Mariño, Iria Sobrino, Xoán Carmona and Mariña López, representatives of different sea-related sectors related to heritage, industry and tourism. After visiting the exhibition to see the work, the artist will activate the project beyond the exhibition space, inviting attendees to reflect on the social, political and cultural influence of port cities.


Pablo Mariño, founder of Bluscus Turismo Marinero

Iria Sobrino, architect

Xoán Carmona Badía, Professor of Economic History and Institutions

Mariña López, manager of the ANFACO Museum









Free activity with prior enrolment. Anybody interested in participating should send their personal and contact details to

Application period: 15 to 25 November