29 September 2023 - 30 September 2023
Virginia Villar

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the CGAC has designed a special programme of concerts and shows that, using the Museum building as a starting point, combines different artistic languages and disciplines such as dance, video creation and music.

The celebrations will start on Friday 29 with a vertical dance performance in which the bodies, images and sounds will merge into a dialogue with the outer walls of the building designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira. And on the Saturday night, the blend of tradition and modernity characteristic of FAIA’s work will serve as a warm-up to the concert by local band Malandrómeda and the Dutch band Jungle by Night.




9 p.m. Finale, vertical dance performance by the company Delrevés

South façade of the CGAC | Free and open to the public

The company Delrevés, founded in 2007 in Barcelona by Saioa Fernández and Eduardo Torres, uses architecture as a support for movement through the fusion of various artistic disciplines such as contemporary dance, digital arts, theatre and vertical dance. Over the years, this Catalan company has forged a solid international career and has presented their work in four of the five continents. Their main contribution consists on offering a new version of vertical dance, with their own, innovative language.

The performance Finale allows us to enjoy dance on a new stage, while incorporating, by decontextualising them, well-known sequences from the classical dance repertoire. Hanging from the terrace of the building and using one of its façades as support, the ballerinas Saioa Fernández and Sheila Ferrer will interpret elements from ballets such as Swan Lake, The Nutcracker or Giselle.


9.30 p.m. 3D mapping projection

CGAC grounds | Free and open to the public

Projected on the south façade of the building and conceived by specialists in creating immersive experiences Maxina, this unique mapping performance will trigger an evocative and exciting visual deconstruction of the CGAC. Through a play of light and optical illusions, the projection will cover the thirty years of the centre’s history, evoking some of the works that were once exhibited in its most representative spaces and creating a fractal tunnel of events and activities.




CGAC grounds | Free and open to the public

9 p.m. FAIA

FAIA works with music from the oral tradition, using the voice as an essential tool. During their intervention in the CGAC, they will experiment with the sonority of the space and active listening. They will recover couplets passed on by word of mouth, which in turn seek new mouths, moving between the intimate, that which is said and what is muted. To do so, they will draw from their own archives, but also from their personal memory and, of course, from the collective memory of the CGAC. With these elements, they will put together a concert in which they will vindicate the collective heritage as a necessary place of shelter and subversion.

10 p.m. Malandrómeda

Malandrómeda define themselves as a rap group from Compostela, timeless and bastardised. In recent times they have released 4 EPs, each with a different aesthetic, which correspond to the four episodes of a joint work in which everything revolves around the introduction of wine presses in Galicia during Romanisation.

11 p.m. Jungle by Night

To round off the night, we’ll be joined by the band Jungle by Night, consisting of seven Dutch members whose radiant and energetic live performances turn them into impromptu stars in every festival they play at. Although conceived with analogue instruments, their seventh studio album, Algorythm, is a veritable tribute to electronic music. The sound of this Amsterdam band is characterised by the use of synthesizers, drums, bass, guitar and percussion enhanced by trumpet, saxophone and trombone.

From earlier albums, with more hard rock tendencies, to a stronger focus on electro in this latest work, they go where no other band has gone before, finding a comfort zone between dance music, krautrock, seventies funk and eighties electro.

This is not a concert but a party, an addictive and dance-filled attraction where they take the audience by the hand with the magic of their rhythms.