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04 March 2022 - 03 July 2022
Sara Donoso, Santiago Olmo
Pablo Barreiro, Jacobo Bugarín, Salvador e Juan Cidrás, Andrea Costas, Angela de la Cruz, Eva Díez, Patricia Dopico, Amaya González Reyes, Rubén Grilo, Juan López, Loreto Martínez Troncoso, Chelo Matesanz, Vítor Mejuto, Antonio Murado, Álvaro Negro, Carme Nogueira, Ana Pérez Ventura, Isaac Pérez Vicente, Montse Rego, Rodríguez-Méndez, Xavier Toubes, Mauro Trastoy, Damián Ucieda

INTERSECTIONS in the Galician art of the CGAC Collection is the final exhibition from the project A Look at Galicia, which invites us to explore our most recent art history through the work of artists whose pieces have been incorporated into the CGAC Collection over the last two decades.

After its passage through the Museum of the Sea in Vigo and the Marcos Valcárcel Cultural Centre in Ourense, this exhibition is presented as the culmination of a project which, in its initial proposals, afforded an approach to the museum’s collection in other exhibition spaces, thus increasing its impact within our territory. Back in the rooms where its collections rest, INTERSECTIONS in the Galician art of the CGAC Collection combines several of the pieces that appeared in the previous exhibitions, adding new incorporations with which to expand on the narrative. Moreover, a number of pieces which have the format of very extensive series, and which could not be shown in their entirety, as well as some installations, are now presented in their full form, taking advantage of the amplitude of the exhibition rooms in the CGAC. A particular but collective look which manages to interweave certain creative affinities without necessarily concealing dissonances in order to draw a map, full of creases, from which to consider the ways of proceeding with, conceptualising or specifying contemporary Galician creation.

The selection of pieces shows some of the narrative and plastic approaches which have constructed part of the visual memory of our artistic panorama. It is an exhibition that celebrates the rich and the diverse, connecting long-established artists with young or mid-career creators, artists who create from within Galicia and others who do so from different geographical points. Here, voices, sensitivities and stories diverge, but they coincide in addressing, with multiple critical approaches, issues of a social, historical, political identity or artistic nature prevalent at the present moment in time.

With this exhibition, the CGAC once again establishes the collection as an essential cornerstone of its work and mission. The collection is an intense process of documentation, a precise tool for analysis which serves to understand our times in a better and symbolic manner.